Daily Connect

Parents should know immediately what their child is doing during the day.  Why should parents have to wait for the end of the day to find out about their child’s day?  With Children’s Discovery Academy, parents can connect to their Daily Connect account anytime during the day, whether they are at work, at home or away on a trip. It reduces the anxiety of being away from the child not knowing what’s happening throughout the day.

By knowing the information, parents will be less stressed and more relaxed leaving their child at the day care. We’ll electronically track daily information about your child’s meal times, diapering, sleeping, moods, activities, photos, and more!  This information is accessible from your computer or through a Smartphone or iPad application.

Comments from Parents when asked,” What do you like most about Daily Connect?”

“LOVE THIS! I keep it up on my computer all day at work. Having pictures posted is the highlight of my day. I love knowing how my daughter’s day is going.”

“Like the pictures and seeing what they did during the day. I like the daily emails.”

“LOVE IT! I save all the pictures, love to check in and see what they’re doing, show all my friends (who are jealous). I think its a great way to help us connect and have conversations at home. Now when I ask “What did you do today” and they say “nothing” I say… well, I saw that you did [this] and we have conversations!!!! I really like it – I even paid for the App :-)”

“I like that I get up to the minute updates on my children and I love to see pictures of them during the day!”

“Pictures, paperless and timely.”

“The pictures capturing her experiences! They are awesome!”

“The pictures.”

“I like knowing what she is doing through out the day. It’s also nice knowing how much she is eating.”

“It is great to see the pictures and also to see what food is eaten.”

“I love being able to check in when at work…especially when there are photos!”

“I like that I can see when my child ate, what my child ate, when they went to the bathroom, and when they slept, The pictures and activities are great additions too. It helps me facilitate conversations with Addy about what she did during the day.”

“It’s nice to know what my child is doing. I especially love the pictures – seeing how happy my child is at school!”

“The pictures!”


“Just feeling like I am a bit closer to my child when I am away, and in the know of his activity during the day.”

“Being able to actively observe the daily activities. communicate quickly with the teachers.”

“The ability to time pick up of my littlest one based on when she is not napping! And the photos!”

“It’s always updated.”

“No more wondering about sleep, meals, etc. A sneak peek at her day!!”

“It’s really great to see what our son is doing during the day and what his schedule is like.”

“The ease in which I can review her day.”

“It is nice to know the activities that they participate in as well as what they eat for meals/snacks.”

“Being able to see a part of their day since I cannot be with them.”

“It allows me to ask specific questions about her day and her activities and prompt her to talk in more detail about what she has done than she normally would if I asked “How was your day?”.”

“I can “experience” the day with my child.”

“Daily Connect is awesome! I love being able to follow my baby through her day. I have the iPhone app so I’m able to get instant photos showing the fun she is having. It’s also a good way to send quick messages to the staff in her room.”

“When staff send pictures! It’s the highlight of my day at work!!”

“We love that we get to see what they do everyday online and that we don’t have to carry home paper anymore. =)”

“The pictures and seeing what the kids are doing throughout the day.”

“I love being able to look at any time and see how my son’s day is going. I like having a quick way to send the teachers a note without having to call. I love seeing pics of my baby during the day!”

“Being able to check it while I’m at work, without waiting until the end of the day.”

“Seeing pictures of my kids during the day.”

“The pictures! It brightens our day.”

“I think it makes it easier for me to send my kids to child care while I go to work. I would love to be with them instead! Daily connect shows me everyday all of the things they’re doing & learning!”

“To know what our little guys is up to and the pictures are awesome!!!”

“LOVE THE PICS!!!! Makes me feel like I can be part of Ava’s day!”

“Love knowing what my daughter is doing throughout the day! As a working mom it keeps me connected to them and helps allow me to ask questions in the evening about her day!”

“I like the updates; keeping track of what my child is doing throughout the day. I really enjoy the photos – it makes me still feel a part of what is happening with my child even when I can’t be there.”

“I am ALWAYS checking daily connect mostly after missing my kids 60 minutes in to dropping them off! I love, love, love this as a parent; its great to feel connected to your childs day at school. I have even told other moms about how wonderful it is. My kids love seeing the pictures I get sent to my phone when I pick them up.”