Best cook in the world

“25 years ago, we brought our son to what was then called ‘Little Canada Child Care Center’, at the ripe old age of 3 years old. Karl was a shy child, who spent many of his first mornings looking out the window as I left him there, crying his little heart out. Of course, through time, he grew and blossomed into a very social little person. He went to Kindergarten there, and was fortunate enough to soak up every bit of knowledge that was put in front of him. He graduated Kindergarten (complete with cap and gown) and we left a small evergreen for the school. You may notice this tree now as you enter the building. It is the one just outside the door.

As time went on, Karl married, moved to California, and had a son. Happenstance brought them back to Minnesota and staying with us. Imagine our joy when we learned that Little Canada Child Care was still in business, now being known as Children’s Discovery Academy of Early Learning, and Karl’s teacher, Jill Finnegan, was now directing the programs there. We enrolled Dustyn immediately into Pre-K.

Again, Dustyn has blossomed. Not only is he getting a “book learning” education, but he is getting a Social Education. The staff is very attentive not only to each child’s educational needs, but are also very tuned in to what else may be affecting that child. They are very willing and able to do what is necessary to be sure that each child gets the attention that he or she needs.

I would be amiss if I didn’t mention the dietary department. Cindy makes the best sausages in town, according to Dustyn! He actually told me that she is the best cook in the world. (Thank you Cindy!)

We would most heart fully recommend this program to anyone!!!

I wonder if in another 20 years, our Great Grandson will be attending?”

Nancy and Don of Saint Paul, MN
Grandparents of Dustyn, Prekindergarten Program

Actually excited to go to school every day

“We decided to bring our children to Children’s Discovery after we had some difficulties at our prior center. Our previous center lacked an organized preschool program and we were looking for a more structured program with lots of learning activities.

When we started at Children’s Discovery, we weren’t quite sure what to expect. The teachers and staff were really great during our tour but we didn’t expect them to continue to be so caring and involved after we started.

The preschool teachers took the time to work with our son and help him adjust to the new changes and structure. Amber took extra time to communicate with us about our preschoolers day and things we could do to help him adjust. Amber ever took the time to call and let us know when he had an exceptionally good day – which nearly brought tears to my eyes! It is so nice to have the teachers tell you great things about your children – instead of complaining about discipline issues like we have had before.

Our preschool son has really benefited from the structure and learning activities of the preschool room. Everyday he learns something new and he love to come home and tell us about his day. He really enjoys the field trips, water day and the learning theme of each week. He is very excited to move up to the prekindergarten room in the fall. He is actually excited to go to school every day, which is a very nice change.”

Alison of Vadnais Heights, MN
Mother of Gus, Preschool Program

Excellent teachers & flexible hours

Our son is enrolled in full-time daycare and started out in the toddler room. He is now in the process of advancing from preschool to prekindergarten. My husband and I have been very happy with Children’s Discovery. The teachers are excellent; the hours are flexible and most important – we feel he is safe and learning new skills. We are fortunate this school serves both breakfast and lunch. They have a clean environment with a great outdoor play area. Many extra classes are offered throughout the year which I highly encourage children to participate in; soccer, computer classes and dance are some of our favorite. We are expecting our second child and plan to enroll this baby in the infant program too!

Amy of Little Canada, MN
Mother of Liam, Preschool Program

We could not be more pleased

Before Ella was born, we researched dozens of daycares and toured those we felt might provide excellent care. We chose Children’s Discovery because it was very conveniently located and we were confident after meeting the teachers and the director, Jill, that Ella would receive the best possible care in a loving, educational environment.

Children’s Discovery met all of our expectations and has played a critical role in the smart, funny and self-sufficient individual that my daughter has become. We have been very impressed with the level of professionalism and dedication everyone at the center shows on a daily basis.

3 years ago, we moved and the location of the center became far less convenient. However, we chose to keep Ella there and drive the extra miles due to the excellent care she receives everyday.

Ella is excelling academically. At the preschool level she knows numbers, letter, beginning reading and math skills, has excellent vocabulary and most importantly – high self-esteem and respect for others. Children’s Discovery has played a key role in her development. We could not be more pleased with the center and all of its staff.

Adina of Oakdale, MN
Mother of Ella, Preschool Program

Very happy she chose Children’s Discovery

child playing in tunnel

child playing in tunnel

“My daughter started at Children’s Discovery approximately three months ago and I am very happy that we chose Children’s Discovery. The Infant teacher, assistants and aides are great with my daughter. The staff are very engaging with my daughter and the other children. The other children in the classroom are very well behaved.

My daughter always has a smile on her face when I pick her up at the end of the day.

I was looking for a daycare that provided a nurturing environment for my child. I was also looking for a daycare that provided educational opportunities for my daughter. So far, my daughter is at or above her developmental milestones and I think her time at daycare contributes to Anna achieving her milestones.

I am happy to have chosen Children’s Discovery and have recommended this daycare to friends.”

Maria of White Bear Township
Mother of Anna, Infant Program

Above and beyond our expectations

“The staff at the center, especially in the infant room, go above and beyond our expectations on a regular basis. They keep an eye out for those subtle little things that can often be overlooked. We hear from them on a daily basis when we drop him off and pick him up about how he is doing, what has been happening and the various experiences he has everyday.

All in all, we are very happy to have Children’s Discovery in our neighborhood caring for our son. And we can tell he likes it too!”

John of White Bear Lake, MN
Father of Ethan, Infant Program

I have been amazed at what Morgan has learned at only 3 1/2 years old

We heard about Children’s Discovery from a co-worker whose son was enrolled at the center. I wasn’t sure what to expect at first. I loved the location (literally minutes from our house) but was unsure about leaving my baby with strangers. We started in the Infant room and were overjoyed with the care/love that Kristi and Susie gave our baby! I rarely felt the need to call and check on Morgan after the first few weeks. I felt that she was safe and nurtured. That’s all I could ask for with our baby.

Last but not least, I have been amazed at what Morgan has learned at only 3 1/2 years old. The curriculum is wonderful and they learn such fantastic things at an early age. I feel like she couldn’t get this much from me. We are very pleased with Children’s Discovery!

Ann of Vadnais Heights, MN
Mother of Morgan, Preschool Program

Ultimate learning environment

Children's Discovery curriculum provides Samuel with the ultimate learning environment

“It is very rewarding to see how much the teachers pay attention to the details of each child. We’re very pleased with our decision to have Samuel attend Children’s Discovery. The trained, long-term staff and excellent curriculum provide Samuel with the ultimate learning environment.”

Mother of Sam, Preschool Program

We are very happy with our son’s development

“We decided to bring my son to Children’s Discovery because it felt as the “right place” safe, educational-oriented, clean and warm. My husband and I are very happy with our son’s development while attending Children’s Discovery. We truly believe that our expectations as first time parents, concerned about their only son’s safety, educational development and child well being, has been met by the caring staff at Children’s Discovery.”

Idolly of White Bear Lake
Mother of Jorgito, Toddler Program

They’ve done so much to help Jake evolve into the little explorer he is today.

jake loves Children's Discovery Academy

jake loves Children's Discovery Academy“There is certainly no shortage of things for a first-time Mom to stress about, and finding the right daycare was definitely at the top of my list! I’m so happy to say that I couldn’t be more thrilled with the choice of Children’s Discovery.

Today, Jake is a happy, active almost ten month old and I just know that a huge part of who he is comes from the excellent “Mom’s Away From Mom” care he has received. I completely trust that Dawn and her whole team love and care for him in the same manner I do and that they’re helping him take all of the right next steps in development. From tons of tummy time (even when he hated it) to loads of encouragement when it came to crawling (he’s a maniac now!), they’ve done so much to help Jake evolve into the little explorer he is today.

There is nothing a Mom wants more than a happy, healthy child. Every day when I drop him off, he has a big grin for his teachers and playmates. That speaks volumes in my book! I am so grateful for everyone at Children’s Discovery.”

Becky of Maplewood, MN
Mother of Jake, Infant Program