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“Our daughter goes to daycare two days a week since she was an infant. The staff is excellent, well-trained, responsive, and flexible. The facility is welcoming for kids and parents, and secure. We appreciate the variety of activities the teachers have planned throughout the day, both inside and outside. She loves doing artwork, learning new songs, and playing with her friends. And the extras, like Soccer Shots or the Tumble Bus, keep her active which is great. We love the BabyConnect app as a way to keep up with what she’s doing, track her naps, diapers/potties, and eating. And we love getting random photos throughout the day. The staff has also been flexible with us when we’ve needed to swap days or add an extra one. We would recommend it.”

Peter from Little Canada
Father of Elizabeth, Toddler

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You’re on the right track to finding exceptional child care for your little one. We’ve been in the business of child care since 1981, we’ve been voted best day care (multiple times!), we’re accredited by NAEYC, have a 4-Star Parent Aware rating, we’re locally owned, and have very low teacher turnover.

Our classrooms can sometimes have waiting lists so please contact us to ask about the next opening available for your child.

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If you would like to know more about Children’s Discovery Academy, read what other parents think about us.

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SEEDS of Emergent Literacy


The SEEDS of Emergent Literacy curriculum, developed by the University of Minnesota Center for Early Education and Development, has been incorporated into the Pre-Kindergarten classrooms at Children’s Discovery Academy, ensuring Kindergarten readiness.

What is literacy?

Literacy is the ability to read, write and talk leading to the ability to communicate and learn.

What is emergent literacy?

The view that literacy begins at birth and is encouraged through participation with adults in meaningful activities. 


The SEEDS classrooms at Children’s Discovery Academy include the following key elements of emergent literacy:


Literacy Rich Classroom

  • Daily Schedule (displayed at the child’s viewing level – using both pictures and words.) 
  • Centers 
  • Thematic Curriculum & Lesson Plans 
  • Literacy Props (reading center, writing center)
  • Print Rich (labels, children name tags)
  • Books and Writing Tools in Many Centers
  • Visual Supports for Children (i.e. labeling cubbies with names, sign language posters, alphabet posters, hand washing posters)


SEEDS Quality Teacher

  • Sensitive: talk, ask questions, wait-time.
  • Encourage: specific feedback of positive behavior.
  • Educate: use explicit instruction, running commentary, scaffold to succeed.
  • Develop through Doing: talk, read write.


Literacy Rich Curriculum: Teaching the “BIG 5 Literacy Skills”

  • Engage children with conversation/comprehension
  • Engage children with vocabulary and background knowledge
  • Engage children with book and print rules
  • Engage children with phonological awareness (rhyme, alliteration)
  • Engage children with letter knowledge


Family Involvement

  • Parent Education
  • School–Home Communication
  • Literacy at Home