Children’s Discovery Academy is proud to be a community partner with PowerUp!

PowerUp is a community-wide movement helping White Bear Lake area families eat well and be active. Since 2013, parents, schools, community organizations, local government officials, clinicians and local businesses have joined forces with HealthPartners to create a healthier environment for kids. We are working together so that all kids can reach their full potential.

PowerUp works through partnerships, local events, and programs to make it easier for kids to eat well and be active in all the places they live, learn and play. We help kids get PoweredUp every day with 5-2-1-0:

It’s up to us to make changes today so that our kids can have a better tomorrow.

How can you get PoweredUp?

  • See the current issue of PoweredUp for ways to keep the whole family PoweredUp!
  • Take action in our community!
  • Visit the PoweredUp website for more information on community events and for healthy family living tips!

LANA: Learning About Nutrition Through Activities

We’ve become PoweredUp by implementing the LANA (Learning About Nutrition Through Activities) curriculum in our centers. The goal of the LANA Preschool Program is to help young children learn to taste, eat and enjoy more fruits and vegetables in order to promote good health, including healthy weight and reduced risk of chronic disease.

The LANA Program helps children learn to eat more fruits and vegetables by:

  • Increasing opportunities for children to taste and eat fruits and vegetables
  • Providing opportunities for hands-on experiences with fruits and vegetables
  • Creating a supportive environment for eating fruits and vegetables
  • Providing children with role models who eat fruits and vegetables
  • Connecting classroom or child care activities with their home environment

LANA activities fall into these main program areas:

  • DAILY – Menu and Mealtime
  • WEEKLY – Tasting Activities andCooking Activities
  • MONTHLY – Theme Units
  • PERIODIC – Family Involvement Activities and Events