Pre-Kindergarten Schedule – Vadnais Heights

6:30-7:00  Quiet activities in the Preschool classroom.

7:15-8:00  Quiet activities in the Pre-Kindergarten classroom: children’s choice, iPads, art, manipulatives, coloring, puzzles, etc.

8:00-8:15  Classroom clean-up and bathroom breaks.

8:15-8:45  Handwashing and breakfast.

8:45-9:15 Large group: theme of the day, language activities, math, and letter of the week.

9:15-10:30  Small groups.  Students are divided into three small groups giving them an opportunity for more individualized attention.  Each child spends 20 minutes in each small group  1.) Creative group: art, games, or cooking project related to theme of the day.  2.) Discovery group: activities geared toward cognitive learning, beginners reading, handwriting, manipulatives, math, and letter of the week.  4.) Free choice play: dramatic play, blocks, science, library, listening center, iPads, sensory table, or free art.

10:30-10:45  Classroom clean-up and handwashing.

10:45-11:00  Morning snack.

11:00-11:15  Large group: calendar, books, fingerplays, flannel boards, tape stories, or songs.

11:15–12:00  Large muscle development: outdoor playground or indoor gym.

12:00-12:35  Handwashing and lunch.

12:35-1:00  Sharing, bathroom break, and handwashing.

1:00-2:50  Rest/nap time.

1:00-1:30 Rest time.

1:30-2:00 Coloring or reading on cots.

2:00-2:45 Table top activities and iPads.

2:45-3:00  Classroom clean-up and bathroom breaks.

3:00-3:15  Handwashing and afternoon snack.

3:15-4:00  Large muscle development: outdoor playground.  When weather does not allow outdoor time, we’ll go to the indoor gym from 3:00-3:30 and have snack at 3:30.

4:00-4:45  Activity groups: table top activities, art, sensory table, or games.

4:45-5:00  Rotating small groups: music, instruments, singing, or dance.

5:00-5:30  Table top activities in Pre-Kindergarten classroom

5:30-6:00  Activities in the Preschool classroom.

Note: Schedule allows time for transitions and schedule changes based on the children’s needs.