“I was recommended to CDA to a very close friend and it was the best word of mouth advice I have ever received. My son started right after his 4th birthday, so now in his first full year of pre-k and I have to admit I am going to cry the biggest tears when it is time to send him to kindergarten. His teachers have become family, he is loved and supported, he feels it, and as a mother-that is the best thing we could ask for. The education he is receiving is the real added bonus. My son is going to breeze through kindergarten because of all the learning he is doing in pre-k (and I work at an elementary school). Socially and emotionally he has learned how to be an amazing little person who shares and cares, knows how to play, and follows classroom rules. I could go on and on, but just know that CDA covers every area to help our littles one grow into well-rounded happy big people.”

Ashley from Coon Rapids
Mother of Harlem, Pre-Kindergarten