Best cook in the world

“25 years ago, we brought our son to what was then called ‘Little Canada Child Care Center’, at the ripe old age of 3 years old. Karl was a shy child, who spent many of his first mornings looking out the window as I left him there, crying his little heart out. Of course, through time, he grew and blossomed into a very social little person. He went to Kindergarten there, and was fortunate enough to soak up every bit of knowledge that was put in front of him. He graduated Kindergarten (complete with cap and gown) and we left a small evergreen for the school. You may notice this tree now as you enter the building. It is the one just outside the door.

As time went on, Karl married, moved to California, and had a son. Happenstance brought them back to Minnesota and staying with us. Imagine our joy when we learned that Little Canada Child Care was still in business, now being known as Children’s Discovery Academy of Early Learning, and Karl’s teacher, Jill Finnegan, was now directing the programs there. We enrolled Dustyn immediately into Pre-K.

Again, Dustyn has blossomed. Not only is he getting a “book learning” education, but he is getting a Social Education. The staff is very attentive not only to each child’s educational needs, but are also very tuned in to what else may be affecting that child. They are very willing and able to do what is necessary to be sure that each child gets the attention that he or she needs.

I would be amiss if I didn’t mention the dietary department. Cindy makes the best sausages in town, according to Dustyn! He actually told me that she is the best cook in the world. (Thank you Cindy!)

We would most heart fully recommend this program to anyone!!!

I wonder if in another 20 years, our Great Grandson will be attending?”

Nancy and Don of Saint Paul, MN
Grandparents of Dustyn, Prekindergarten Program