Beyond Grateful

I love my new school! It makes me so happy! That was the first sentence out of my son’s mouth as I was loading him up into our car to go home after his first day at Children’s Discoveries. He is just starting out in Preschool, and I could not believe what I heard! A. Because I’ve never heard him describe his previous school and daycare in that way before and B. He has always had a very hard time transitioning to new environments that it was an amazing shock to my system that he enjoyed his day so much. And every day since he started his enrollment here, he has continued to remind me how much he loves his new school after his day ends. His teachers are patient, kind, and have taken the time to get to know my son and if a situation came up, they would (will) collaborate with me to help meet my son’s needs, and problem solve whenever necessary. To say that I am grateful for Children’s Discovery is an understatement. To watch your child thrive in an environment while being themselves is unbelievably special, and it’s something that I never thought would happen at such a young age. The administrative staff are communicative, kind, passionate about their mission, and they are always happy to provide answers to any questions that may arise. They want to help in any way that they can, and they do. For me as a parent, integrity is a key value of mine, and being able to send my child to a school that lives out that value is just another blessing. My son’s needs are being met, he’s being challenged, and he’s being encouraged to be himself. His confidence has grown. And that to me is something that I’ve always wanted for my child.”

Kalee from Hugo
Mother of August, Preschooler