Cannot Thank CDA Enough

“When I was pregnant with my first I toured and instantly loved CDA. Unfortunately, there were no infant openings at the time. We settled on another center but I still hoped I could get him in. Fast forward a few years and we made the switch. It was clear we made the right decision quickly. He was so happy, chatty, and excited after daycare.

We welcomed our second son in July and he attends CDA as well. I love seeing him smile when he sees his teachers because I know he’s happy and well take care of.

CDA has the best staff, food, directors, facilities, and the best app we’ve experienced. The staff is consistent and isn’t a revolving door we’ve seen at other centers. Getting photos throughout the day in the app is the best and I like knowing I can open the app and get updated on their day, or shoot a quick message to their teachers.

Thank you for caring for my boys. I feel they are safe, eating healthy, and learning so many new things.”

Alyssa from Roseville
Mother of August and Marcus, Preschool and Infant