February 14, 2011

Happy Feet Dance Program

Happy Feet Dance Company LogoChildren’s Discovery is proud to offer dance lessons to its students!  Happy Feet Dance Company brings its upbeat and popular program to us once a week during your child’s free time.  This high-energy program is designed to give your child professional dance lessons without the hassle of nights and weekends spent away from home and driving back and forth from a dance studio.  Dance classes are offered to all students that are 2 to 6 years of age.  The program includes tap, jazz, ballet, rhythm and movement instruction.  We will work on coordination, balance, beginning dance technique and so much more!

Classes are focused on boosting self-esteem and having tons of fun!  There are 2 exciting recitals: one during the holidays in December, and the year-end in May with our Annual Spring Recital.  This exciting show features dazzling costumes and props, and it is the highlight of the dance year!

Happy Feet Dance Company Owner and Instructor, Jenny Hansell, has been with Children’s Discovery for many years.  Jenny also has 12 years of teaching experience and 20 years of dance training.  She teaches classes across the north metro at various child care centers, elementary schools, and is the Dance Director for the cities of Vadnais Heights and St. Anthony.  Please feel free to contact Jenny with questions or for more information about the dance program at 763-784-4151. Register your child for Happy Feet Dance by emailing Jenny at missjenny@happyfeetdancecompany.com

Play Tap and Go

playtapandgoc37b-a03dt03a-zKyle Witherow teaches Play Tap and Go at CDA.  Play Tap and Go is a modern and engaging approach to teaching music to preschool children.  Play Tap and Go music education program prepares children to move confidently into piano lessons if desired, with a technically sound foundation.  And that’s not all.  With Play Tap and Go, children have so many learning opportunities – all in the name of fun!  Here’s a sampling of what children will learn:
  • Rhythm and movement exercises that develop small and large motor skills
  • Recognition of notes and note values
  • Counting exercises to help recognize numbers and develop math skills
  • Memory skill building through repeated music terminology
  • Introduction to the music staff and piano keyboard
  • Creative development through improvisation, composition and keyboard exploration
  • Development of verbal skills through group interaction
  • Improved hand-eye coordination through hands-on experience with rhythm instruments and the keyboard.
  • Reinforcement of listening skills by discerning high and low, loud, and soft sounds.
  • Recognition of the music alphabet, colors, and shapes with worksheet activities
  • Music story time focusing on composers, music terminology, and character development.
  • Weekly life lessons incorporating positive emotional and social skills to build self-worth.
For more information, please contact Kyle Witherow directly by email: kyle@playtapgo.com or by phone: 651-357-3793.
Register your child for Play Tap Go at www.PlayTapGo.com


Soccer Shots

It’s more than soccer!

Soccer Shots is the national leader in youth soccer development for children ages 2 through 8. Our program has been created under the guidance of childhood education specialists, MLS® and USL® professional soccer players, and experienced and licensed soccer coaches. Our innovative lesson plans are developmentally appropriate and tailored specifically to the three distinct age groups we teach. Using these creative and age-appropriate curricula and infusing each lesson plan with enthusiasm and structured activity, Soccer Shots aims to leave a lasting, positive impact on every child we serve.


By enrolling your child in Soccer Shots, you can expect the following:

•Increased psychomotor development through fun fitness activities

•Introduction to team dynamics

•Character formation through life lessons such as honesty, sharing, respect, and positive attitudes

•Development of active lifestyle habits

•Individual skill development

•Coordination, balance, and agility development

No gear needed! All soccer equipment is provided to program participants.

For more information or to register, please visit: www.soccershots.org


Tumble Fun Bus

It’s a full sized school bus that has been renovated into a children’s gymnastics center that comes right to Children’s Discovery Academy. Some of the many items included in the bus are: bars, rings, mini springboard, parachute, vault, trampoline, beam, ball pit, zip line, monkey bars, climbing mountain, and MUCH MORE!
Gymnastics has been proven to not only improve children’s health but also help  develop such areas as balance, strength, weight control, confidence, mental health and motor skills.
For more information, please contact Shannon Shepard by phone 763-229-0599 or email shannonshepard@comcast.net


February 13, 2011

Our Pre-Kindergarten curriculum is guaranteed to prepare your child for Kindergarten! Children work in large groups, small groups, and individually to master school readiness skills such as language development, reading, math, social development, emotional development, small motor skills, large motor skills… What our Classroom Includes Online Daily Sheets: We’ll electronically track daily information about your child’s feedings, sleeping, moods, activities, photos, and more! This information is accessible from your computer or through a smartphone or tablet application. You’ll have peace of mind while you watch what your child is doing while in our care. Age range – 4 to 5 years Small student/teacher…

February 13, 2011

Our Curriculum Online Daily Sheets: We’ll electronically track daily information about your child’s meals, moods, activities, photos, and more! This information is accessible from your computer or through a Smartphone or iPad application. You’ll have peace of mind while you watch what your child is doing while in our care. Age Range: Preschool students that are 33 months of age to 4 years. Low Student/Teacher Ratio: 10:1 Our Teachers Experienced: Our preschool teachers have Many years of experience working with children. Tami has over 20 years over experience and been with us since 2022 (previous employment with us from 1991-2001), Jennifer has been with us…

February 13, 2011

Our Classroom Online Daily Sheets: We’ll electronically track daily information about your child’s feedings, diapering, sleeping, moods, activities, photos, and more! This information is accessible from your computer or through a Smartphone or iPad application. You’ll have peace of mind while you watch what your child is doing while in our care.Age Range: Toddlers that are 16 months of age to 36 months.Small Student/Teacher Ratio: 7:1 Our Teachers Experienced: Colleen has been with us since 2007, Drew has been with us since 2022, Lauren B. has been with us since 2011 and Brianna has been with us since 2017. Our experienced teachers…

February 13, 2011

Our Classroom

Online Daily Sheets: We’ll electronically track daily information about your baby’s feedings, diapering, sleeping, moods, activities, photos, and more!  This information is accessible from your computer or through a Smartphone or iPad application.  You’ll have peace of mind while you watch what your baby is doing while in our care.

Age Range:
Infants that are 6 weeks of age through 16 months.

Small Student/Teacher Ratio: 4:1

Non-Mobile Area: This is a separate area in our classroom, away from crawling and walking babies, where your baby can practice tummy-time, play on the floor with a teacher, or enjoy his or her bottle while being held in a rocking chair without having the older infants in this space.

Diaper Changing Area: Our changing tables are sanitized after every diaper change.  Just like the teacher, your baby will have his/her hands washed after every diaper change.

Kitchen: Our infant classrooms offer a full-size kitchen which includes a fridge and sink.

Quiet Nap Room: The nap room is separated from active babies.  Your baby will have a restful sleep in our softly lit nap room filled with gentle lullabies. The room is monitored continuously.  Your baby will have his/her own designated crib and sheets provided by us.  To add the comfort of home, you are welcome to bring in your baby’s pacifier for use during nap times.

Our Teachers

Experienced: Our lead teachers have many years of experience and specialized education in child development!  Sue has over 30 years of experience and has been with us since 2016 and Kristi has been with us since 1998.  Our teachers are very familiar and comfortable responding to your baby’s messages and cues to determine his/her needs.

Loving: Our teachers will comfort your baby by holding him/her close, rocking or talking quietly when he/she is crying or upset.  They’ll hold your baby during feeding times and talk to him/her in soothing and reassuring tones.

Consistent: We know providing a limited number of consistent, qualified caregivers is a large part of building trust and security at our Center.  We have regular staff with very little turn over that children and families can count on.  Providing infants with an environment that encourages positive interaction in familiar surroundings as well as lots of positive encouragement & hugs also promotes trust and security at our Center.  We make every effort to quickly answer each baby’s cues, acknowledge anxiety, and offer loving support and reassurance to children in our care.

Our Curriculum

Children’s Discovery Academy celebrates the fact that we do not teach from a boxed curriculum but instead employ caring, qualified educators to write curriculum which meets all of the early childhood indicators of progress.  This way, we can ensure we are meeting the individual needs of your child.

Baby Sign Language: The teachers at Children’s Discovery Academy will talk out loud to your baby while signing.  This will help your baby communicate with sign language before they are able to verbally communicate.

A daily schedule directed by you!  Everyday, you can expect a detailed written summary of your baby’s busy day.  This summary will include nap times, feeding times, summary of diaper changes, activities, and development.

Toys and Activities: Our teachers will stimulate your baby through a variety of activities that promote learning such as reading stories, singing songs, playing games, exploring musical instruments, going for walks, crawling on climbers in our classroom and in our indoor gym, etc.

Social Development: Your baby will build friendships with classmates that will continue for years to come as they advance to the toddler and preschool programs with other students.  Teachers promote positive relationships with other children consistently by talking about what children are doing, providing opportunities to play in small groups, and by using names and other identifying characteristics to promote comfort and familiarity with others.  We have multiple toys to encourage parallel play instead of expecting infants to always take turns.  We talk about the emotions of other children and provide opportunities for imitation during songs and other play.

Emotional Development: Positive relationships with teachers will develop a sense of trust in the world.

Small motor development: Opportunities for babies to reach, pull, grasp are part of our daily environment.  Teachers encourage babies to hold their fingers,  Older babies are practicing grasping by feeding themselves.  We provide a variety of age-appropriate equipment to encourage fine motor skills (shape sorters, nesting blocks, simple puzzles, stacking rigs).  Older infants are given daily opportunities to do art projects which require holding a paint brush, crayons, etc.  Children are given daily opportunities for sensory experiences which require fine motor skills.

Large Motor Development: Rolling over, pushing up, crawling, taking steps, walking and running are all huge milestones for your baby.  He/she will have the freedom to move about safely in the classroom while working on these tasks.  Also, the exposure to climbing cubes and mats in the gym will help expand his/her large motor development.

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February 13, 2011

Children’s Discovery Academy offers programs for children as young as 6 weeks of age and we care for them all the way through Pre-K.  All of our classrooms are self contained so children are grouped with other students of the same age.  Programs offered are as follows: Infant, Toddler, Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten.