Excellent care and education

“We switched school / care givers earlier this year in October because we didn’t feel that our son was meeting his full potential. We knew that he was a smart little bundle of constant energy. At his past school this was a something that was perceived as a down point. At Children’s Discovery they have shown him that it is an asset. We love the teachers in his room. They great him with a genuine smile and warm “Hello” every single morning. My son is so excited to go to school each day. He is speaking in fuller sentences, reciting poems, sharing stories about school, and I know that this is all due to the excellent care and education he is being provided at Children’s. My son also has severe allergies and it is so great to know that Children’s is peanut free and that their in house cook takes great care to watch along with his teachers for his other allergies. His allergies have not been a problem once since he has been in care there. On top of all of this Children’s provides enrichment through monthly field trips and guest teachers for special classes such as Dance and Music. My son is thriving because of the excellent care he receives here.”

Hannah of St. Paul

Mother of Holden, Preschool Program