Fantastic place and knowledgeable and caring staff

“Our son started in the toddler room at 16 months old and was warmly welcomed from the first day. His teachers have always shown him so much love and care. They always give him their attention and know exactly how to comfort him if he is upset or not feeling great. He’s greeted by the wonderful teachers with a big smile and open arms everyday. We love hearing about all the activities and lessons they do each day. It’s fun to ask our son about that week’s theme and what he’s learning each day. The regular updates and photos throughout the day sent to us are so fun and helpful to see too. We can tell he also really loves the large motor room and playground for playing and getting exercise. The meals are well balanced and made in house by a great chef. He always sleeps really well there for naps (much better than he does at home!). We are so thankful to know how well cared for our son is there and we are excited to bring his new sister there soon too.”

Chad from Roseville
Father of Marty, Toddler