Filled with happy memories

What was your favorite memory about being at Children’s Discovery Academy?
“I really enjoyed all of the activities and games and toys we played with. I can’t pick one memory!”

Do you still keep in touch with any friends you met at Children’s Discovery Academy?
“Yes, I keep in touch with Bria Johnson.”

What special accomplishments have you achieved since graduating from Children’s Discovery Academy?
“I graduated from high school in the Spring of 2010 and am now studying pre-pharmacy at Drake University in Des Moines.”

What else do you remember that was special to you about attending Children’s Discovery Academy?
“I remember how sweet Jill Finnegan was as a Kindergarten teacher and I loved that she read Junie B. Jones books to us. I also really enjoyed taking dance classes with Miss Lynn. My years at Children’s Discovery were filled with happy memories and I know I grew a lot because of the wonderful people working there and the friends I made.”

Natalie Benson
Age 19