First Impressions

“My toddler son has been going to Children’s Discovery Academy since he was 3 months old. I could not have asked for a better experience. From day 1 (8 months pregnant touring the center with the Little Canada Director, Jill) Children’s Discovery has been a warm and inviting place that I have felt so good about being able to provide to my son. It is really true what they say about first impressions and that initial tour with Jill really sold it for me. I felt from her and could tell in my observations of the other classrooms and teachers, that this was a place employed with genuine loving people. Since that first experience, I have enjoyed getting to know the teachers and have especially appreciated the stories and individual updates and pictures of my son that are shared on a daily basis through the online tracker. Knowing that he is receiving individual one-on-one attention and care makes me feel good about the investment we’ve made at Children’s Discovery. I look forward to watching Mason continue to grow at CDA through kindergarten. Thank you to Jill and all the other teachers for doing such an outstanding job of taking care of these little ones!”

Molly of Little Canada

Mother of Mason, Toddler Program