Great learning, great for working parents

“Having our kids attend Children’s Discovery has been one of the best investments we’ve made as parents. We have three children, with our oldest now 9 years old. She started going to Children’s when she was 3, and our son started when he was 1. They both progressed through the rooms and ultimately attended kindergarten at Children’s. Our youngest is nearly 5 and in the PreK class. She has been at Children’s since she was an infant.

The level of teaching and the caring of the staff is exceptional. The curriculum is wonderful, and I have had no concerns about my kids being prepared for elementary school. In fact, I worried more about the other kids in elementary school who didn’t have the same learning experience as my kids. Many of the teachers have been there multiple years. Several teachers have taught all three of our kids at various stages. I know they enjoy seeing the kids progress and move on. Yet, with all the great learning, there is a healthy balance between learning, fun time, and rest time. There is adequate outdoor time and gym time – as well as the opportunity for kids to enroll in outside programs offered through Children’s (dance, music, Tumblefun Bus, soccer, swimming, etc). Those programs make it so easy for working parents to get their kids involved.

We have had such a good experience at Children’s the last 6 years. We will miss it when our daughter graduates from kindergarten next year!”

Stacy of Maplewood

Mother of Rosie, Pre-Kindergarten Program