Great Place for Kindergarten

“This past year at Kindergarten at Children’s Discovery Academy – Little Canada was really a great experience. We appreciate the smaller class size & enrichment programs that enhance the overall learning. Our Son looks forward to Spanish & Friday Cooking Class. Mrs. Boggess takes time to work with the students individually to understand what motivates & interested them to engage them in learning.

Mrs. Boggess recognized that our Son was struggling with reading. She did not just continue to push him along with the rest of the class, but worked with him to go back & review their reading curriculum basics to gain confidence and have a solid reading ground to build upon.

Our Son enjoys Math & Science subjects in Kindergarten. He is great at subtraction & can name the planets! (something I can’t even do)

Our Son has a high energy level, we worked with Children’s Discovery to try different things & found that an incentive program was what he needed to motivate him to focus better. Mrs. Boggess gives us updates via Daily Connect to let us know if he had a good morning & afternoon.

At first our family struggled with the homework assignments, fitting them into our nightly routine, etc. But now that the school year is almost over we can see the importance of reinforcing leaning at home, we understood first hand where our son struggled or excelled & we built strong study habits for the future.”

Thank You, Karla & Jorgen
Parents of Anders, Kindergarten Program