Great place for learning and growing

“We enrolled our oldest daughter (10 months old at the time) in the infant room 5 years ago when we needed part time daycare due to new jobs. She moved up through the rooms and is now doing wonderfully at a public elementary school. We know that her time a Children’s Discovery helped her grow academically and socially into the great learner she has become. When her little sister was born, we knew right away that we would also enroll her in Children’s Discovery. We love that 5 years later we see the same smiling teachers and staff every day. It’s wonderful that the staff knows our whole family — our big girl still gets hugs when she comes with me to pick up little sister! Jill and the staff have been wonderful in accommodating part time schedules, which isn’t something that most centers will do. The daily connect app is great too — I get real-time updates on all the fun Audrey is having during my work day. We feel so fortunate we’ve found a great place for our little one to learn and grow!”

Sara of St. Paul

Mother of Audrey Drake, Young Toddler Program