Having fun and learning live long skills

What was your favorite memory about being at Children’s Discovery Academy?
“I loved all of the people that worked there. I went to Children’s Discovery from when I was a newborn until about the 5th grade. (Before/after school). Everyone there was/is so friendly. I went to the actual Kindergarten at Children’s Discovery in Little Canada. But going to the Vadnais Heights center for all my other years.I will always remember everyone, but I will always remember Marge. She was the cook and she was soooo friendly. I remember exactly sitting in her little office and eating treats every morning.”

Do you still keep in touch with any friends you met at Children’s Discovery Academy?
“I keep in touch with friends. I had friends and family go there.”

What special accomplishments have you achieved since graduating from Children’s Discovery Academy?
“I am working on graduating High School then I hope to attend a 4 year college.”

What else do you remember that was special to you about attending Children’s Discovery Academy?
“It was a lot of fun. Its not only a daycare that makes sure your kids are safe, it also makes sure they are having fund and learning life long skills.”

Bailey Johnson
Age 16