Highly recommend

“We have two children at Children’s discovery and have experienced all the classrooms and couldn’t be happier. They have extremely high standards, they are fun, they love working with children and they are very responsive and helpful to parents. They always make my children feel loved. We love the curriculum and activities and the extra opportunities offered. The teachers are always so friendly and engaging. Our oldest in school-age always has her homework done before we pick her up and her pre-K experience helped prepare her for kindergarten and first grade. Our preschooler is always so excited to go to school and see her teachers and friends. She is always so engaged and learning so much. We love to hear about their day when we pick them up. We also love how the online information sheet, daily connect, keeps us informed and connected to our children. Highly recommended!!!”

Jamee of Vadnais Heights

Mother of Hazel and Chloe, Preschool and School-Age Programs