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We provide year-round full and parttime education in the Boston Metro Area for infants


Teachers plan an curriculum is engaging, challenging and directed toward learning outcomes.


We are situated in Hanoi with a half acer of private bulding with morden aminity & security guard.


Full Day Program meets Monday through Friday. Operating hours are from 7am to 6pm.

About Kindergarten

All our preschools have all-weather indoor play areas, an art studio or an atelier, technology corners and much else; and most have outdoor play spaces and even swimming pools specifically for the younger ones. Our programs ensure that children in our care everywhere have access to the highest quality of international.
  • Individual attention in a small-class setting
  • Educational field trips and school presentations
  • Positive learning environment for your child

Our Classes

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Our Activities

Creative activities

Help developing your child's creativity and social skills.
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Sports & playing

Sports game for kids that help kids channel all the energy.
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E-Learning media

Provides services and products developed for education.
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Actually impact many of the other forms of development.
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Why choose us

We have strict criteria when selecting our teachers; they must be native English speakers with a higher degrees and most importantly.


Rewarding task of instructing young children between the ages of 5 and 6 years old


Healthy meals with balanced nutrition and suitable for each children.


The stories, games, quizzes, and worksheets given here are great ways for lesson.


Parents are more satisfied with our service and teacher when they choose us.

Meet Our Teachers

Lucia Jones/Art teacher

He is an American actor, filmmaker, and teacher. He played Harry Osborn in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy.


She is music royalty. Coming from a musical family, her father played trumpet and her mother taught piano.

JANARA SMITH/Art teacher

The story of Natalie Gauci’s rise to fame may begin with a passionate soul and a musical heartbeat.

Lucia Jones/Art teacher

She has delivered more than a few lessons in being funky to nightclubs and dance floors the world over.

Lucia Jones/Art teacher

He is known almost as much for having persistent difficulties with his record label as for his music.

Lucia Jones/Art teacher

He alternated between the roles of folklorist, musician, songsmith and, aptly, given his wise ways, teacher.

Lucia Jones/Art teacher

Associated Hebrew Schools of Toronto, having herself attended a private Jewish school while growing up.

Our Blog

This is where we show you all the amazing news about our pupils, our teachers, happening and upcoming events,....


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Our on-site cooks prepare all of our home baked meals:

You’ll Love CDA Guaranteed!

You’ll Love CDA Guaranteed!

We are sure you’ll love Children’s Discovery Academy!


What Parents Say

This is my first time to consult in this hospital and I’m lucky I got a perfect doctor who takes care of me since day one of my consultation, until the day of my surgery.
Mia Watson 2 Designer 2
"My teacher is very friendly and understantding. My classes is very funny and my classmates is very sociable" My daughter said
Mia Watson Designer
StarKid has given a right platform for my son to start his learning steps with easy and playful methods.
Mia Watson 3 Designer 3
The curriculum and teaching stuff is well equipped with all the latest teaching techniques and syllabus.
Mia Watson 4 Designer 4
Our daughter has had the most amazing time – she has had lots of fun, come on steadily but surely in her reading and writing ability.
Mia Watson 5 Designer 4

Quick Contact

We will be happy to assist you with any question regarding online and in store purchases. Contact us for answers to all of your questions.
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Important Health Message
from Children's Discovery Academy:

In addition to already stringent health and safety practices, both of our locations have installed AtmosAir purification technology.

AtmosAir uses bi-polar ionization technology to reduce airborne viruses and bacteria by over 99%.

Bi-polar technology as used in the units installed at our centers has been shown to be effective against Coronavirus.

Our high indoor air quality (AIQ) translates to a healthier environment for children, families, and staff!