I still have very close friends from Children’s Discovery

What was your favorite memory about being at Children’s Discovery Academy?
“After nap time in Kindergarten we would get to do math with goldfish crackers and each we could eat the crackers after we were done. Maybe that is why I love math even today.”

Do you still keep in touch with any friends you met at Children’s Discovery Academy?
“Yes I do! I still have very close friends from Children’s Discovery.”

What special accomplishments have you achieved since graduating from Children’s Discovery Academy?
“Since graduating, I have made it to Nationals for tennis. I enjoy school, especially math, and I am currently excelling in all honors classes.”

Please share anything else that you remember that was special to you about attending Children’s Discovery Academy.
“I remember how much I loved all the staff. I loved my teachers, even the cook was great and came to chat with our class a bit after dropping off our food.”

Lauren Welch of Vadnais Heights
Age 16