It was evident the classroom teachers care about the children.

“Before enrolling Bella in Children’s Discovery Academy, Bella was in an at home facility. Choosing to move Bella from the at-home day-care we loved was difficult; I knew she was comfortable, safe and cared for. When Bella turned three I knew she needed to be more academically and socially engaged. It was important to me for Bella to feel cared for, academically challenged, and safe. I looked at all my options including community preschools, Montessori, Children’s Discovery Academy and more. It wasn’t long before I knew Children’s Discovery Academy was the right choice for Bella. After we toured the facility Bella couldn’t stop talking about the new school. She especially liked the indoor gym and I liked the staff. It was evident the classroom teachers cared about the children and wanted to see them succeed.”

Samantha of White Bear Lake
Mother of Bella, Pre-Kindergarten Program