Makes my child’s day so much brighter

“My family and I, absolutely love Childrens Discovery Academy! My son used to go to another care center and he would cry and scream and hide in the corner! He would refuse to go to his classroom and start crying as soon as he realized where we were going. Now, he gets excited! He runs to his classroom, he gives me a kiss, says goodbye and runs to play with his friends! I have never been so relieved to bring him to school and he enjoys it, its such a wonderful feeling. He also enjoys their healthy meals and loves their gym and outside playground! I love that he has started to speak and come out of his shell. He used to be such a quiet boy and barely spoke. Now he talks, sings and counts and loves to make jokes with me. Thank you for making a difference in our lives CDA. It means the world to the mom who struggled to get her son to school everyday and who would walk out every day crying from hearing her son scream and cry in terror. Wishing there was more she could do. Now i don’t have that problem anymore and I am so happy my son is truly happy being at your school.”

Cristina from Little Canada

Parent of Tristan, Preschool