MORE than a “Daycare”

“Deciding to enroll our first baby at a daycare center was a really difficult decision for us but we could not be any happier that we did so at Children’s Discovery. As we came to know the staff, it quickly became obvious that they care about the children immensely. I’ll never forget having to pick my daughter up when she was sick one day and they were just holding her and rocking her, rubbing her back just as we would have done at home! The structure “school” provides has also really helped our daughter through the tough transitions (two naps to one, eating at the table, sleeping outside of a crib) and they have also borne the brunt of teaching her new skills (hello open cup!) and exposed her to art projects and novel activities she would otherwise not have access to. We love the size of the center and that every staff member knows all the kids by name. The menu is healthy and varied and we’ve occasionally made special requests that their dedicated chef has been happy to accommodate for us. Whether it be a pandemic, Christmas Eve, or a snowmageddon when everything else is closed, Children’s Discovery has kept its word to remain open, allowing me to maintain my professional career, for which I am ever grateful. We communicate with her teachers regularly through the app and they are always friendly and quick to reply. Getting photos throughout the day is always such a delight. It’s amazing to hear the new words she comes home with and the fun things she’s learned, like her dance moves. My daughter is now 22 months old and gets SO excited to go to “school” to see her friends and her teachers; It makes us so happy and reassured as parents that we can’t fathom ever-changing her childcare situation. Thank you CDA for taking such good care of our girl!”

Alison from Roseville
Mother of Scarlett, Toddler