My children loved the family atmosphere

How old is your child now?
“14, 18 & 20.”

What is your favorite memory of Children’s Discovery Academy?
“I loved all the special traditions that Children’s Discovery had, holiday programs, Thanksgiving feast, Parent Appreciation Breakfast, Week of the Young Child & Kindergarten Graduation.”

What did your child enjoy the most about attending Children’s Discovery Academy?
“My children loved “the family” atmosphere that Children’s Discovery had, they loved their teachers and classmates.”

What was the most special part about attending Children’s Discovery Academy?
“As parents we loved the fact that all 3 of our girls could be together. It was also very comforting that they has such consistent staff! All 3 of our girls had many of the same teachers.”

What special accomplishments has your child achieved since graduating from Children’s Discovery Academy?
” All 3 girls have done very well since graduating from Children’s Discovery.”

Laurie & Jim Schlossmacher of Roseville
Mother & Father of Maddie, Sonnie and Kalie