Perfectly Pleased!

“As a single mother who also works full time, my greatest desire is for my son to experience a safe and healthy environment with qualified teachers and care-providers who will educate, challenge, discipline, love and play with him the same way I would if I were there. I’ve found this at Children’s Discovery! My son enrolled with Children’s Discovery at the age of 18 months and I’ve seen him grow leaps and bounds in his language skills and cognitive development. The teachers are passionate educators who bring creativity and fun to the learning curriculum. Kaiden clearly enjoys his time at CD; he is eager to join his friends when I drop him off and he is always playing so contently when I pick him up. I would recommend Children’s Discovery to every parent I know; it’s an investment in my son’s future that I truly value and will continue to work hard to provide for him.”

Kelli of Hugo, MN
Mother of Kaiden, Toddler Program