Still Merissa’s World

“This is entitled Merissa’s world as every morning, Merissa smiles and says school. She enjoys every minute at CDA. She has been attending for the past 1 ½ and I cannot think of one bad experience. She is happy to be dropped off every day and play and learn with her friends. As she has gotten older we our noticing things that the school is teaching her that we haven’t really even touched on yet or at least we as parents didn’t know that she knew certain things. For example we were sitting on the couch one day awhile back and she grabbed my nose and said nose. At that point I had no idea she knew what a nose was, then she continued to teach me all of the parts of my face. It is moments like this that remind me it is daycare but much more as every day and every moment is a learning experience in Merissa’s world.”

Jennifer of Saint Paul

Mother of Merissa, Toddler Program