Summer activities can’t be beat

“The summer program at the Vadnais Heights location will be new to our family. Our son is now in the toddler room and will get the “perks” of having a summer program. Our family enjoyed what was done for the babies during the summer but knowing he will have a summer filled with activities is terrific. Actually, knowing he will be having so much fun makes me a little jealous – I want to be a kid again.

Having structure around what they are learning, even during the summer is crucial. He will continue to be a sponge for knowledge and knowing that his teachers will foster that while letting him explore summer activities can’t be bear.

I look forward to many summers of my son having fun and learning at Children’s Discovery. Thank you for caring so much for my child and making his days full of learning and fun.”

Kelly of White Bear Lake
Mother of Ethan, Toddler Program