The best place

2012 days ago – just over 5 ½ years, Ed and I dropped off a 7 week old boy at Children’s Discovery – placing him into your hands for daily care and teaching. I can honestly say that day no tears were shed as I knew he was in the excellent care of Dawn and her staff. After much cuddling time which he enjoyed, tummy time (that he really didn’t enjoy 🙂 ) , helmet wearing (check out the nice round head) and daily fun he moved up to the toddler room with Lindsey, Colleen, and Rachel. I still honestly don’t know how you get 18 month olds to stay on that cot and take naps, but of course you do.

The toddler room provided a great learning atmosphere, from learning how to talk, ABCs, 123s, and all the way through potty training with a few bumps and bruises along the way. I think his favorite days were in the summer when the older kids were on field trips and they got to play in the “big playground”. I still remember finding out he was hiding matchbox cars so that when the baby dolls came out he didn’t have to play with them. 🙂

Preschool came next – he will still say Michelle was his favorite teacher (sorry to all the others). He started reading, writing and math there with the patient teaching of Michelle and Danielle. He started going on field trips, swimming lessons and soccer. He enjoyed his first bus ride there also.

Last summer he entered Prekindergarten with Darci and Brittnee. He will admit that he didn’t like having to do more learning and less “playing” but ultimately he had another great year. More field trips and new friends along the way.

Finding out what was for lunch, made with love from Holly, was always important every morning. Tacos, chicken and gravy and mashed potatoes were the best (fish sticks and peas not so much).

Book fairs always made a long week for mom and dad trying to pick him up and make it out the door without buying too many books every day.

I can honestly say that I never had a day of work that I spent worried about how Jack was doing as I knew he was in all of your capable hands. Seeing his smile at the end of the day and being told “can you come back later so I can stay and play?” provided me with the comfort of knowing he was in the best place. As I wrote out the last check, he saw my tears and asked why I was crying and I said, “just because”, being Jack he replied “I know, I am growing up”. Yes, he did.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you. You all hold a dear place in my heart. I met many teachers, parents and students. I am so glad that you all love to do what you do, and you all do it fabulous and you can see it every day. You don’t get the recognition that you deserve so I want you to know that if he ever makes it big, I will make sure he includes a thanks to Children’s Discovery for giving him the foundation he needed to make it big. 🙂

Keep up that great work and if you ever need a quote from a happy family you know that we would be glad to provide it.