“It’s always so hard to entrust your young kids to others so you can go to work. My husband and I had a couple of depressing experiences with other childcare centers, and I was beginning to worry that maybe my expectations were just too high. Then, a good friend referred us to Children’s Discovery and my whole life became so much easier. I was extremely relieved and grateful to have finally found peace of mind! My toddler loves her school and her teachers. They communicate every detail of the day, plus pictures of my kids having fun, through an app on my phone. She gets to practice art, music, and social games each day, plus gets tons of fun exercise. A chef on site prepares healthy meals and snacks each day. At 1 year + 9 months, my toddler can count to ten and knows all her colors and shapes and can use whole sentences. When I gave birth to my second child, it was so very easy to entrust her to the infant room at CDA. Anyone can feed, burp, and change a baby. They actually NURTURE babies, play games with babies, practice tummy time and motor control, and read stories to them. I am so pleased with CDA, and wholeheartedly trust that sending my kids there will be an important investment in their futures.”

Sarah from Mahtomedi
Mother of Ava & Anna, Toddler & Infant