We Feel Really Lucky!

“I enrolled my son Max in the Pre Kindergarten class two years ago at Children’s Discovery in Vadnais Heights. I had the normal concerns any parent would have leaving their child in someone else’s care… Will my child be engaged? Will he be cared for? Will he be seen and treated as an individual? Will they feed him well and make sure he is safe? Will they communicate with me and respond to my concerns?

Resoundingly I have found the answers to be yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes.

The staff welcomed us as individuals and made Max feel at home and important. They always seem happy themselves and happy to see the children. The center is impeccably clean and the children follow good hygiene routines, (which no doubt cuts down on shared cold and flu bugs,) The meals are healthy, the curriculum and learning environment are progressive and children’s individual needs are taken seriously. The environment is both safe and stimulating, and you feel the staff honestly loves your child. They communicate regularly throughout the day (via a smart phone app, or an email digest.) You know if your child ate well, what they did or worked on, if they rested… They even send pictures!

We had such a good experience at Pre K in Vadnais Heights that we decided to enroll in the Kindergarten program at the Children’s Discovery Academy in Little Canada. The all day program had a small class size of 9 students and therefore was an intimate and close knit learning environment. Safe, clean, loving, and healthy, Max always loved going to class and again his individuality was encouraged and respected. It was a great place to be for his first year of school. Tuition included two meals and two snacks, Spanish class, before and after school care, and non school day care. If tuition gives you pause, please believe me, this is a great value and for me was important because I didn’t have to have Max transitioning between care providers frequently.

Now Max is in first grade and we are so happy to be back at Children’s Discovery in Vadnais Heights for before school care and to get on the bus in the morning! Max was remembered, and welcomed back and he is so genuinely happy to see the staff and kids there in the morning (and even gets to run into his Kindergarten teacher once in a while!)

Outstanding, Children’s Discovery! Our family has a lot of love and appreciation for all of you at both locations. I would not hesitate to recommend either school to anyone wholeheartedly.”

Kristen of St. Anthony Village, MN

Mother of Max, School-Age Program