We love CDA

“My daughter attended CDA since she was an infant as is now enrolling in the school age summer program. She “tried it out” for a few days during the school year when her kindergarten wasn’t in session and LOVED it. She was so excited to have some time to work on arts/crafts of her choosing (bracelets and crafts and raved about the “cooking craft” and “art craft.” Our daughter was able to read when she started kindergarten and teacher Casi (Pre-K) deserves much of the credit for that. Casi ran that classroom just like a kindergarten and couldn’t have done a better job preparing my daughter. We had talked about transferring our son over to the Vadnais Heights side to facilitate a single drop-off this summer (where the school-age program is held) but we didn’t want to miss any time with teacher Casi! My three year old is in the preschool room and we have really enjoyed meeting his new teacher Katie. My son is willful and full of energy and they do a wonderful job teaching him techniques to control his emotions and setting expectations. He clearly enjoys his time at CDA and his teachers genuinely care for him. This is evidenced by the neat pictures they send with little messages through the daily connect app (“check out this silly face he made” or “look how proud he is of this”). Teacher Thom and teacher Ashley are particularly great with Jack (patient and kind). I love the weekly email with the curriculum, the hours of operation, the ease of communication on the daily connect app, and the healthy food. I thought they did a very nice job managing the uncertainties around the COVID-19 pandemic (e.g., reasonable polices regarding polices for closing classrooms, communicating the plan as CDC guidance changed). I have recommended CDA to multiple friends and my brother and sister-in-law. We feel very fortunate to have found such a great place for our kids.”

Katie from Shoreview
Mother of Jack and Madeline, Preschooler and School-Ager