We love CDA

“I have a four year old and a 1 and ½ year old who attend CDA. They love going to school and it is evident the teachers genuinely care for them. Teacher Casi in Pre-K is a very skilled teacher who is clearly knowledgeable about children’s development. She clearly puts a lot of effort into her curriculum and is very adept at communicating with children and parents. We have noticed an incredible jump in social maturity and independence since our daughter has transferred to the Pre-K room. She loves her teachers (Joy, Sarah) and is excited to show them new outfits, make them little cards, or share exciting news. I love the emphasis on activity (e.g., kids yoga) and pre-literacy skills. I couldn’t imagine a better place for my daughter to prepare for kindergarten. My 1 and ½ year old recently moved into the Toddler A room and has really grown to love his teachers. They were so patient and kind with the adjustment from the infant room. He can be a willful little guy and these teachers are so patient and positive. They are quick to offer hugs at drop-off and clearly know my son. I can tell they spend a lot of time getting to know each child and their personalities. Teacher Chelsea does such a nice job planning fun activities for the kids in her class. Teacher Crystle clearly cares about him and tells me she misses him when we keep him home. My son is particularly fond of Teacher Laura who has such an incredible way with little kids. I can’t tell you how heartwarming it is to pick him up and have a teacher like Laura share that she has taught him a new word and excitedly ask him to demonstrate. It is evident they genuinely care for these little kids. We also love the daily connect app for ease of communication. The office staff has always been available and helpful. The food is great. The playground equipment and gym are fun for my kids. We also appreciate the swim lessons and dance classes (one less thing to coordinate in the evenings or on the weekend). We really couldn’t be more pleased.”

Katie from Shoreview
Mother of Maddie & Jack, Pre-Kindergarten & Toddler A