We love CDA!

“We couldn’t be happier with the care and instruction Madeline is receiving in the toddler room. She is learning so much! The young toddler teacher Jen (who I can’t say enough positive things about) did an amazing job with the transition from infant to toddler. She taught her so many things that wouldn’t have occurred to me (e.g., how to dance and jump). She also patiently helped her learn to sit in a chair, use a cup, and say her name. I think the formal transition period between infant and toddler is a huge strength of the CDA program!

Now that she is in the toddler room I notice new words every day. I try to work on colors, body parts, and counting with Madeline each day and I am constantly amazed at how much she has already learned at CDA. I also love hearing my daughter request songs and demonstrate the actions that accompany them. I appreciate Laurie’s expertise and structured learning environment. She clearly puts a lot of effort into curriculum development. I think CDA also does a great job incorporating activity (e.g., playground, sandbox, water play). They are also diligent about safety and sunscreen which puts my mind at ease. A couple of the teachers even offered me very helpful advice for her mild eczema. They clearly care about the kiddos in their care and we are so grateful for this great learning environment.”

Katie and Mark from Roseville

Parent of Madeline, Toddler