We love our CDA teachers

“We couldn’t be more pleased with CDA. Maddie loves her teachers. Teacher Amberley clearly works hard to develop a curriculum that makes learning fun and engaging. She also puts a lot of effort into the conferences she holds for parents. I really enjoyed hearing about Maddie’s progress from a teacher who is so knowledgeable about children’s development. I am constantly amazed at the things my little girl is learning. They have taught her so many preliteracy skills (e.g., identifying letters by sound). Maddie loves to tell me about the different classroom jobs (“weather helper”, “line leader”). The teachers at CDA clearly care about their charges. I can tell they celebrate her successes and comfort her when she is sad. Celsy is always quick to offer a hug or suggest a helper task when Maddie is sad at drop-off. Emily will put little braids in her hair that Maddie loves to show off to her family. She also lovingly refers to her teacher Kayla as “my big Kayla” since there is also a classmate named Kayla. She is also beyond proud when Teacher Amberley says she can have something from the “treasure box” for being a good listener/helper. Sometimes at drop-off she insists on giving all her teachers a hug goodbye. It really warms my heart to see how much she loves her teachers. The program also emphasizes healthy meals/snacks and lots of physical activity. Their parent communication (via the DailyConnect app) is also fantastic. We really couldn’t be more pleased with CDA.”

Katie from Roseville
Mother of Maddie, Preschool