Why I Love CDA

“I first learned about CDA from my sister, who used to have my niece and nephew attend when she lived in St. Paul. I’ve heard nothing but great things and seen how it’s one of the top rated centers for kids. I love CDA because it’s been nothing but amazing from the beginning. My daughter has been there almost 2 months and I’m glad I made the switch when it was needed for us. The elementary styled building gives it that spacious, organized and welcoming feel when you come. The staff is always so friendly, the place is secure and clean. I love how the parents get weekly emails for what is going on each day in the classroom, as well as the monthly themed calendars that is sent. There are opportunities for parents to have their child participate in sports/dance classes for additional fees of course, but the option is great to have. The real time updates on what you’re child is doing on their Daily Connect app is awesome as well. You get to see what your child ate, learned and also see photos that’s taken by their teachers. I absolutely love the idea of how many teachers are in the class to help w/ the toddlers; I’ve come from other daycares where it’s usually 1, maybe 2 teachers to about 10-15 toddlers. I definitely would recommend CDA to any parent who wants quality care for their children. Thanks CDA for being one of a kind compared to many centers out there. Keep up the good work!!!!!”

Shontae from St. Paul
Mother of Faith, Toddler