Best place for your kids!

“I had a stay at home nanny for the kids since Joey was 3 months old. I received the news that she was moving and wondered what in the world was I to do. I was referred to Children’s Discovery and knew almost immediately this was the place for my kids to be! They totally get that my kids are my most prized possession and made me feel at ease right away and that they would take care of my kids while I was at work.

The first day I dropped the kids off I knew I made the right decision. They welcomed my kids by name and welcomed them into the classroom like they had been there for years. I love getting the daily updates on how my kids are doing in class and love how much they want to learn about the kids and what they like to do to incorporate into the classrooms.

The environment is wonderful for them to grow and learn in a fun environment. I give thanks everyday that I get to send my kids to a place that they are happy when I leave them and exited to tell me about their day when I pick them up! Thanks to all the teachers and what they do! All of you truly have a gift!! Thanks for making this a great experience for my kids but most of all for me as a working mom!”

Stephanie of Shoreview, MN
Mother of Mikenna and Joey, Toddler and Preschool Programs