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Music classes that will inspire your child for a lifetime.

At Play Tap Go, we instill the love of music through carefully crafted lessons plans which focus on movement, games, instrument exploration, drum circles, pitch matching, language development, stories, and so much more!

Convenient and educationally sound music exploration for all ages. Let your child experience a class where the music comes to life!

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We’re 4-Star Parent Aware Rated!

Parent Aware’s Star Ratings help parents find programs that go above and beyond to prepare children for school and life.  Their one- to four-star ratings system – a free service – measures best practices identified by research that help children succeed.

Participating programs have:

  • Volunteered for extra, in-depth training
  • Devoted themselves to strong, caring relationships with each child
  • Adopted the latest approaches to keeping children’s learning on track
  • Committed to daily activities and routines that help children learn
  • Placed a focus on children’s health and safety.

Daily Connect

Parents should know immediately what their child is doing during the day.  Why should parents have to wait for the end of the day to find out about their child’s day?  With Children’s Discovery Academy, parents can connect to their Daily Connect account anytime during the day, whether they are at work, at home or away on a trip. It reduces the anxiety of being away from the child not knowing what’s happening throughout the day.

By knowing the information, parents will be less stressed and more relaxed leaving their child at the day care. We’ll electronically track daily information about your child’s meal times, diapering, sleeping, moods, activities, photos, and more!  This information is accessible from your computer or through a Smartphone or iPad application.

Comments from Parents when asked,” What do you like most about Daily Connect?”

“LOVE THIS! I keep it up on my computer all day at work. Having pictures posted is the highlight of my day. I love knowing how my daughter’s day is going.”

“Like the pictures and seeing what they did during the day. I like the daily emails.”

“LOVE IT! I save all the pictures, love to check in and see what they’re doing, show all my friends (who are jealous). I think its a great way to help us connect and have conversations at home. Now when I ask “What did you do today” and they say “nothing” I say… well, I saw that you did [this] and we have conversations!!!! I really like it – I even paid for the App :-)”

“I like that I get up to the minute updates on my children and I love to see pictures of them during the day!”

“Pictures, paperless and timely.”

“The pictures capturing her experiences! They are awesome!”

“The pictures.”

“I like knowing what she is doing through out the day. It’s also nice knowing how much she is eating.”

“It is great to see the pictures and also to see what food is eaten.”

“I love being able to check in when at work…especially when there are photos!”

“I like that I can see when my child ate, what my child ate, when they went to the bathroom, and when they slept, The pictures and activities are great additions too. It helps me facilitate conversations with Addy about what she did during the day.”

“It’s nice to know what my child is doing. I especially love the pictures – seeing how happy my child is at school!”

“The pictures!”


“Just feeling like I am a bit closer to my child when I am away, and in the know of his activity during the day.”

“Being able to actively observe the daily activities. communicate quickly with the teachers.”

“The ability to time pick up of my littlest one based on when she is not napping! And the photos!”

“It’s always updated.”

“No more wondering about sleep, meals, etc. A sneak peek at her day!!”

“It’s really great to see what our son is doing during the day and what his schedule is like.”

“The ease in which I can review her day.”

“It is nice to know the activities that they participate in as well as what they eat for meals/snacks.”

“Being able to see a part of their day since I cannot be with them.”

“It allows me to ask specific questions about her day and her activities and prompt her to talk in more detail about what she has done than she normally would if I asked “How was your day?”.”

“I can “experience” the day with my child.”

“Daily Connect is awesome! I love being able to follow my baby through her day. I have the iPhone app so I’m able to get instant photos showing the fun she is having. It’s also a good way to send quick messages to the staff in her room.”

“When staff send pictures! It’s the highlight of my day at work!!”

“We love that we get to see what they do everyday online and that we don’t have to carry home paper anymore. =)”

“The pictures and seeing what the kids are doing throughout the day.”

“I love being able to look at any time and see how my son’s day is going. I like having a quick way to send the teachers a note without having to call. I love seeing pics of my baby during the day!”

“Being able to check it while I’m at work, without waiting until the end of the day.”

“Seeing pictures of my kids during the day.”

“The pictures! It brightens our day.”

“I think it makes it easier for me to send my kids to child care while I go to work. I would love to be with them instead! Daily connect shows me everyday all of the things they’re doing & learning!”

“To know what our little guys is up to and the pictures are awesome!!!”

“LOVE THE PICS!!!! Makes me feel like I can be part of Ava’s day!”

“Love knowing what my daughter is doing throughout the day! As a working mom it keeps me connected to them and helps allow me to ask questions in the evening about her day!”

“I like the updates; keeping track of what my child is doing throughout the day. I really enjoy the photos – it makes me still feel a part of what is happening with my child even when I can’t be there.”

“I am ALWAYS checking daily connect mostly after missing my kids 60 minutes in to dropping them off! I love, love, love this as a parent; its great to feel connected to your childs day at school. I have even told other moms about how wonderful it is. My kids love seeing the pictures I get sent to my phone when I pick them up.”

Privacy Policy

Children’s Discovery Academy values our parent’s participation and interest in our Web site. Our online privacy policy guarantees the privacy of our guests. If we collect personal information, we use it only for internal purposes to improve our services to you, our customer. The information will not be shared or sold to any party outside Children’s Discovery Academy without prior consent.

Center Policies

Hours and Cancellation

Children’s Discovery is open from 6:30 A.M. to 6:15 P.M., Monday through Friday throughout the year with the exception of the following six holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. We will close at 3:00 p.m. on Christmas Eve Day.  FULL TUITION IS CHARGED FOR THE ABOVE HOLIDAY WEEKS.

Children’s Discovery Academy is committed to being open for our families even during adverse weather conditions.  The only time we will close is in the event of blizzard conditions, which are intense enough to close down the entire city including the University of Minnesota.  Listen to WCCO radio to hear announcements of this type.  FULL TUITION IS CHARGED FOR THESE WEEKS.

Non-Discrimination Policy

In accordance with Federal law and U.S. Department of Agriculture policy, Children’s Discovery Academy is prohibited from discriminating on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age or disability.


It is essential to send along a complete change of clothing to be left at Children’s Discovery. Children’s clothes are very much alike in looks and size. Clothes NEED TO BE CLEARLY MARKED WITH THE CHILD’S FULL NAME.


A Program Plan has been written to insure all of these areas are being developed in each child.  This Program Plan is on file and is open to parents’ viewing at any time.  Programs are designed to enhance the child’s self-identification and group social involvement.

In order to share these commitments with you, a monthly planned schedule from your child’s teacher is available.

Conferences are scheduled twice during the year to better acquaint the parents with our programs through personal discussion with the teachers.  Progress reports are written on each child at these times, and conferences can be arranged at any time on a particular concern that may arise.  Together we can better assure a more positive and satisfying environment so important to your child.

As a parent, you are welcome to visit Children’s Discovery any time during the hours of operation.  We do encourage parents to use their discretion in choosing times that won’t disrupt your child’s day.


Our staff is dedicated to search out the positive aspects of all the children.  If a problem develops in a particular situation, we will continue to search out alternate methods to bring the child back to appropriate behavior.  Personal relations that develop between teacher and child will normally lead to positive actions.  If the child’s behavior remains disruptive, the child may be removed from the class activity for a brief period.  If our staff cannot resolve the situation along with the help of the parents, we will recommend that you find alternate care for your child.  The child is never physically or mentally abused by any member of our staff within Children’s Discovery Academy.

Field Trips

Fully supervised trips are planned to places of interest for children in Pre-Kindergarten and School-Age classrooms.  Children’s Discovery Academy will provide the same adequate, responsible supervision for these excursions as is provided to the children while in attendance at the Academy.  Bus service will be arranged through a qualified company.  You are responsible to sign a field trip permission slip.  If you do not choose to have your child attend a particular field trip, you must find alternate care and no childcare fee reduction will be given.


Children’s Discovery Academy meets or exceeds the insurance policy requirements by government agencies.

Nutrition and Rest Time

Children’s Discovery Academy employs a full-time cook who will provide your child with the nutritional needs required for that part of the day in attendance.  These needs include snacks in the morning and afternoon, as well as a balanced lunch.  Breakfast can be provided at an additional cost.  Breakfast is required of children attending nine or more hours.  Our breakfasts are prepared for a predetermined number of children.  Because of this reason, if your child is signed up for breakfast, there will be NO CREDITS given for breakfasts.  This applies to days your child is NOT in attendance.

For children too young to eat table foods, parents should bring a daily supply of formula or breast milk and baby foods.  In this way, we can ensure each individual child will be eating a daily diet that is set for his/her specific needs.

If children bring treats to be shared with other children at school, they must be store bought and in their original unopened container.  NO HOMEMADE FOOD MADE OFF OUR PREMISES WILL BE SERVED TO CHILDREN AT CHILDREN’S DISCOVERY.

Each afternoon there will be a quiet time offered so children may rest quietly on their cots or engage in quiet activities.  Please bring in a small blanket and pillow to school for this time of day.

Parent’s Grievance Policy

Children’s Discovery Academy has a written grievance policy on file in the office for parents use whenever they deem necessary.


Children’s Discovery Academy will occasionally have small household pets in our classrooms.  Pets must be approved by the Center Director.

Research and Public Relations

Children’s Discovery Academy will obtain written permission from each parent before their child is involved in experimental RESEARCH or public relations activities while at Children’s Discovery Academy.

Privacy Notice

Children’s Discovery Academy’s full Privacy Notice can be found HERE.


Parents must provide transportation to and from Children’s Discovery Academy.  Your child must be signed IN and OUT each day in order for our facility to accept legal responsibility.  Parents are also responsible for bringing the child’s belongings to the appropriate classroom.  Parents must fill out appropriate forms stating who has permission to pick up their child/children.  In the event someone other than the parent must pick up your child, please notify the office.  These people must be able to show an I.D. to prove they are whom they say.

Child Pick-up

Unless notified, a child will only be released to leave Children’s Discovery Academy with a custodial parent or guardian.  If you would like someone else to pick up your child, please call us or write a note authorizing us to release your child from Children’s Discovery Academy with the designated person.  Any person picking up a child that we have not met before is required to present their ID before we will release the child to them.

Child Pick-up by Unauthorized Person

If an unauthorized person attempts to pick up a child in our care, the child will not be released to their care and the appropriate parent or guardian will be contacted.

Child Pick-up by Incapacitated/Impaired Person

If an incapacitated/impaired person attempts to pick up a child, we will call another person to pick up the child.  If the incapacitated/impaired person refuses to leave the child at Children’s Discovery Academy, we will call the sheriff’s office.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I start looking for child care?

Start looking for child care before you need it. We often have waiting lists for our programs so visit as early as possible. We accept appointments for visits but they’re not required. In fact, we don’t mind if you stop by unannounced.

What type of licensing & accreditation do you have?

Children’s Discovery is licensed by the state of MN. We’re accredited by NAEYC, a very reliable sign of a reputable center. We have a four-star (highest possible) Parent Aware rating. Parent Aware helps parents find quality programs using practices that best prepare children for kindergarten.

We’ve also been voted best day care (multiple times!) by local community organizations and we’ve been named Business of the Year by the Vadnais Heights Economic Development Corporation.

How long have you been in business?

Children’s Discovery has been educating & caring for young children since 1981.

Do you have any references?

Twice a year, we ask our current parents to submit reviews about the care we provide for their children. You can read CDA parent reviews here.

Does the director have a degree in a child-related field & has worked in child care for at least two years?

Julie is our Little Canada Director. She graduated from St. Paul College with her degree in Early Childhood Development. Julie has been working with Children’s Discovery Academy since 1998.

Andrea is our Vadnais Heights/White Bear Lake Director. She graduated from St. Paul College with her degree in Early Childhood Development. Andrea has been working with Children’s Discovery Academy since 2000.

What is the center’s licensed capacity?

We are licensed for 134 students at our Vadnais Heights location & 124 students at our Little Canada location.

How do I enroll my child?

We encourage you (and your child) to visit the Center before registering. During your visit, we’ll provide you with all materials necessary to enroll your child. You can also print enrollment forms here.

What are your hours?

We’re open Monday through Friday, from 6:30 a.m. – 6:15 p.m.

Are you ever closed?

Our school is closed only for the following holidays: New Years Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day & Christmas Day. Full tuition is charged for these days.

Do you ever close early?

We close early at 3:00pm on Christmas Eve.

Are there late pick up fees?

The Center closes at 6:15pm. A late fee of $25.00 will be assessed for every 15 minute period or fraction thereof that a child is left beyond closing time. This charge is payable immediately & serves as a direct remuneration for employees working overtime.

Do I pay if my child is sick or we’re on vacation?

Absences of 60% or more of a child’s regularly scheduled weekly reservation qualifies for a one half reduction applied to the time not used.* For example, if you have reserved five full days per week & are absent three days (60% of five) or more, you will receive half of your money back for the absent days.

*Infant Program


What is the weekly cost?

We’re happy to email our rates to you. Click here for our rates.

Do you supply diapers and wipes?

Parents are responsible for providing diapers & wipes for their child.

Do you provide meals & snacks?

Yes! In fact, we maintain a commercial kitchen & an on-site cook so we can prepare & serve nutritious, home-cooked meals & snacks for children. Our weekly menus are posted on our website.

What other things will I need to supply for my child?

Depending on your child’s age, you may need to bring in different items. Infants will require formula or breast milk until eating table foods. All children should have extra sets of clothes to keep at the Center. Older children will require a nap blanket & pillow & outdoor gear for the playground (jacket, hat, mittens, snow pants, boots, sunscreen etc.)

Do you welcome parent involvement? Can I stop by unannounced?

The answer to both is a resounding, “YES!” Our school is a community that embraces the whole family. We host events throughout the year, including picnics and performances, to encourage families to be involved in their child’s experience. And if you’d like to get an inside look at your child at play or in the classroom, you can stop by anytime.

How do you communicate with parents?

Parents receive an electronic daily report that documents feedings, naps, other important notes, & photos of your child.

Twice a year we offer conferences to parents to discuss their child’s progress.

We provide a weekly newsletter to share learning lessons, news, & event information.

We encourage you to speak daily with your child’s teacher during pick up or drop off. You’re always welcome to call or email your child’s teacher too.

What is your children-to-teacher ratio?

Our maximum children-to-teacher ratios are 4-to-1 for infants, 7-to-1 for toddlers, 10-to-1 for preschoolers & 15-to-1 for school-age students.

Are children of different ages grouped together?

No. For the safety & comfort of your child, we group children according to their age in individual classrooms. In this way, we can guarantee age-appropriate activities & play.

On average, how long have your teachers been teaching?

We take education seriously, so we employ only experienced educators. Our teachers & administrative staff have a combined total of 227+ years of experience in education & child care.

Do you have a high teacher turnover rate?

No. Our teacher turnover rate is very low. We create a positive environment not only for our children but also for our teachers. We currently have numerous teachers whom have been employed with us for 10, 20 & 30+ years!

How many staff members are CPR & first aid certified?

We require all of our teachers and assistant teachers maintain a current certification in CPR & first aid. We also train all of our staff in the areas of Sudden Unexplained Infant Death, Abusive Head Trauma, Allergies,  & Blood Bourne Pathogens.

Do you perform background checks?

We submit background checks on all employees working for Children’s Discovery Academy.

How often do you clean the rooms & toys?

All of our facilities (including toys) are cleaned at least once a day. The changing tables are disinfected after each diaper change & classroom tables are disinfected before & after each meal.

How large is your playground?

We have two spacious, well-equipped playgrounds, one for toddlers & one for preschool & school-age students, so children are only exposed to age-appropriate activities & equipment. The entire play yard is fenced in for security.

Will my child have any screen time at the Center?

We do not have televisions in any of our classrooms. iPads are used for educational purposes & screen time is limited.

What type of curriculum to you use?

At Children’s Discovery Academy we celebrate the fact that we do not teach from a boxed curriculum but instead employ caring, qualified educators to write curriculum which meets all of the Early Childhood Indicators of Progress.  This way, we can ensure we are meeting the individual needs of your child.  Our daily schedule is structured, academically focused and fun!  Weekly lessons and activities focus on a curriculum rich in exploration, structured and unstructured play, active and physical play, music and movement, quiet activities, intellectual development, reading, math, science, art, sensory, dramatic play & imaginative play.

How do you discipline children?

Our teachers are dedicated to search out the positive aspects of all children. If a problem develops in a particular situation, we will continue to search out positive, clear, consistent, and fair methods to bring the child back to appropriate behavior. Personal relations that develop between teacher & child will normally lead to positive actions. If the child’s behavior remains disruptive, the child may be removed from the class activity for a brief period. If our teachers cannot resolve the situation along with the help of the parent, we may recommend that the parent find alternate care for the child. Children are never physically or mentally abused by any member of our staff within the Center.

Must children be immunized to attend the Center?

When a child is enrolled in the Center, we must obtain documentation of current immunizations or a medical exemption.  Children’s Discovery Academy does not enroll children who are not vaccinated because of a conscientious exemption.

What is your sick policy?

Knowing when a child is too ill to be at Children’s Discovery Academy, or needs to be removed, has always been a challenging part of our job. We all want to keep as much illness out of Children’s Discovery as possible but also respect a parent’s need to be at work. We met with a local pediatrician to set up specific guidelines we all can follow concerning illness. Click here to review our medical and illness policies.

If a child needs to be removed from our care, we will first call the parents to pick up their child. If parents are unavailable, we will contact emergency contacts assigned by the parents.

Do caregivers wash their hands after changing diapers and before feeding the children?

Our staff are required to wash their hands with soap and water after changing a child’s diaper, after using toilet facilities, and before handling food or eating.

Are children taught/required to wash their hands after using the potty?

Each child’s hands will be washed with soap and water after a diaper change, after use of a toilet or toilet training chair, & before eating a meal or snack. Staff monitor hand washing and assist a child who needs help. The use of a common basin or a hand sink filled with standing water is prohibited.

How often are the toys cleaned and replaced?

Toys and equipment that are likely to be mouthed by infants & toddlers are made of materials that can be disinfected when mouthed or soiled and are disinfected at least daily. Toys are replaced when they are no longer in good repair.

Are indoor and outdoor play areas childproofed and escape-proof?

We have two spacious, well-equipped playgrounds, one for toddlers & one for preschool & school-age students, so children are only exposed to age-appropriate activities & equipment. The entire play yard is fenced in for security.

How often is your play equipment inspected?

We inspect our play equipment monthly to ensure your child’s safety.

Are the children ever left unattended?

Children’s are never left unattended in our care. We are careful to make sure all children are within sight and sound.

Do you have a sign-in & sign-out procedure? Are the doors secure so strangers can’t just walk in?

Parents are required to check their children in and out each day. The only way a child can be checked in or out is with their parent’s fingerprint. Teachers also record attendance in the classroom. The doors are always locked so unauthorized strangers cannot enter & security cameras record everyone entering and exiting the building.

What if someone other than my spouse/partner or me has to pick up my child?

In order to protect your child, we require that you provide the names of any individual who has permission to pick up your child. We require advance notice from you when someone other than a parent will be picking up your child & will check identification. If we have any questions or concerns, we ask that you are available via cell phone to provide confirmation.

Do you have procedures for handling fires, tornados, & other emergencies? Are the staff well trained for these situations?

We perform monthly fire drills and lock-down drills.  Tornado drills are practiced April-October, & teachers are well trained for other emergencies annually. You will find evaluation plans hanging throughout the building in case of an emergency.

How do you keep track of all the children?

Not only do we count the children but we do a face-to-name count when we leave a location and when we arrive.

Do you provide breakfast, lunch, and/or snack?

Yes! In fact, we maintain a commercial kitchen & an on-site cook so we can prepare & serve nutritious, home-cooked meals & snacks for children. Our weekly menus are posted on our website.

Do you have a refrigerator for storing bottles of breast milk or formula?

A refrigerator is available in our infant classroom for storing breast milk & formula.

Do you feed babies on demand or on a schedule?

You will let our infant teacher know what to feed, how to feed, & when to feed your baby. Whether your baby is fed on demand or on a schedule, we can accommodate your requests.

What is the nap schedule?

Infants are on a parent-directed nap schedule. Toddlers and preschool students are offered a nap daily after lunch for 2 hours.

Where do the children sleep?

Babies sleep in a quiet nap room separated from active babies.  Your baby will have a restful sleep in our softly lit nap room filled with gentle lullabies. The room is monitored continuously.  Your baby will have his/her own designated crib and fitted sheet provided by us.  To add the comfort of home, you are welcome to bring in your baby’s pacifier & sleep sack for use during nap times.

Older children sleep on cots in their classroom. They are welcome to have a sheet, blanket, pillow & stuffed animal during nap time.

Do you place babies on their back to sleep and follow other safe sleeping practices to reduce the risk of SUIDS?

Yes, babies are always put to sleep on their backs. All staff are trained on practices to reduce the risk of SUIDS annually.

What makes you different from other area centers?

We are LOCALLY owned, with the owners working on-site! We have the flexibility to change our classrooms & curriculum to meet the individual needs of the children in our care. Also, we have a fantastic long-term staff!

How are you different than just taking my child to a babysitter or nanny?

We are teachers & educators. Your child will be in an educational classroom setting with convenient hours for working parents.

How can I come in for a tour?

Click here to schedule a tour, give us a call, send a request via email, or just stop by – you don’t need an appointment.

Why is it important to invest in a quality early childhood program for your child?

Statistics show that a good early childhood education sets the foundation for academic success in the elementary years. Children’s Discovery is a wonderful investment in your child’s future!

What if I am not happy after my child is attending?

We understand that you might change your mind. We’ve built our reputation on happy families & one way we do that is by offering a complete refund if you or your child is not satisfied after one month at Children’s Discovery Academy. We believe that any child care center or preschool should be willing to offer this same guarantee!

How can I get a question answered that wasn’t answered on this page?

We’re happy to answer all of your questions. Click here for our phone numbers. If you prefer to email, send questions to info@childrensdiscoveryacademy.com

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