August 25, 2014

Music classes that will inspire your child for a lifetime. At Play Tap Go, we instill the love of music through carefully crafted lessons plans which focus on movement, games, instrument exploration, drum circles, pitch matching, language development, stories, and so much more! Convenient and educationally sound music exploration for all ages. Let your child experience a class where the music comes to life! To register, visit

March 3, 2014

Parents should know immediately what their child is doing during the day.  Why should parents have to wait for the end of the day to find out about their child’s day?  With Children’s Discovery Academy, parents can connect to their Daily Connect account anytime during the day, whether they are at work, at home or away on a trip. It reduces the anxiety of being away from the child not knowing what’s happening throughout the day. By knowing the information, parents will be less stressed and more relaxed leaving their child at the day care. We’ll electronically track daily information about…

February 13, 2011

Children’s Discovery Academy values our parent’s participation and interest in our Web site. Our online privacy policy guarantees the privacy of our guests. If we collect personal information, we use it only for internal purposes to improve our services to you, our customer. The information will not be shared or sold to any party outside Children’s Discovery Academy without prior consent.

February 13, 2011

When should I start looking for child care? Start looking for child care before you need it. We often have waiting lists for our programs so visit as early as possible. We accept appointments for visits but they’re not required. In fact, we don’t mind if you stop by unannounced… What type of licensing & accreditation do you have? Children’s Discovery is licensed by the state of MN. We’re accredited by NAEYC, a very reliable sign of a reputable center. We have a four-star (highest possible) Parent Aware rating. Parent Aware helps parents find quality programs using practices that best prepare children…