Exceptional Considerate Handling

“We recently became foster parents of two beautiful (special needs) girls. The girls came to us with little speech, lacking in social skills and riveted with past trauma. We came across Children’s Discovery after making many failed phone calls to places feeling not equipped to handle such a situation. Children’s Discovery in Little Canada didn’t bat an eye when I described our situation to them and in fact they were eager to help us out.

Since placing the girls in the care of Children’s Discovery Little Canada just 2 months ago, our girls have flourished tremendously! The oldest is speaking in full sentences, playing in group, smiling a genuine smile, and the youngest with the biggest emotional disabilities has been given the chance of normalcy. Children’s Discovery took her in and took the time to get to her. I thought dropping off a screaming and kicking, anti social toddler for over a week was going to be an automatic no way for them. They stepped up and now she is starting to regulate and participate in daily activities and enjoys going.

I am so glad Children’s Discovery was able to take us in and help us and these girls on our journey!”

Jessica from Saint Paul
Mother of Emily, Toddler