So Much More Than Just a Day Care

“Clyde has attended Children’s Discovery Academy of Early Learning Little Canada (“CDA”) since infancy. He is currently enrolled in Toddler and scheduled to move to up to Preschool in a few weeks.

After researching every day care in the area, it was clear that CDA was the best option for Clyde. We loved the fact that the infants had their own private sleeping area, unlike every other day care that combined the sleeping space with the play space. The babies are treated with loving care and thrive under the guidance of the dedicated, long-term staff.

As Clyde moved up the ranks, it was obvious that he was much further ahead developmentally than other children his age that were cared for at home or at other centers. Most important – Clyde LOVES his day care and he is learning so much. His mind and body are “exercised” throughout the day as he enjoys structure, creativity, music, peer socialization, good values (respect), special events, such as visits from a mobile petting zoo, good nutrition, and enrichment classes (optional). Parents are kept “in the loop” throughout the day through CDA’s Daily Connect app. We receive daily photos and updates throughout the day so we know that Clyde is doing well. Security is top notch and every precaution is taken to insure the safety of all the children. There has never been an incident that concerned us and we feel totally secure in the knowledge that Clyde is under their care.

This is truly a school of early learning and so much more than just a day care. We are confident that Clyde will have the skills needed to succeed in primary school in great part to the exceptional care he has received at CDA.

One final note: If you are fortunate enough to secure a spot, grab it. There is usually a waiting list, especially for infants, and we secured Clyde’s spot seven months before his birth! Plan ahead :)”

Cayla from Maplewood
Mother of Clyde, Toddler