I had a great feeling about CDA

“When my job moved from Minneapolis to St. Paul, I begrudgingly had to begin the search for new daycare for my infant and toddler. We absolutely loved their daycare in Minneapolis, and the prospect of finding new child care was daunting, to put it mildly. The task got even more daunting when I started calling and visiting daycare centers. I had gotten so discouraged by what I was finding that I even considered not transferring to St. Paul, even though that would have meant continuing my long commute and giving up time with my family. Then I found CDA.

From my very first telephone conversation with Jill, I had a great feeling about CDA. When I visited, I knew almost instantly that I’d found a good fit. Unprompted, two parents who were picking up their children stopped me and told me what a great place CDA is. Having been at CDA now for a year and one-half, I do the same thing when I run into prospective parents.

I love that CDA is in a former elementary school such that it feels like a school, not just a daycare. There is great communication with the teachers and the administration, and my kids are learning a lot. But best of all, they are happy. I can’t give any higher praise than simply saying that I feel comfortable with my children in CDA’s care, and I do.”

Lisa of North St. Paul, MN
Mother of Jack and Julia, Toddler & Preschool Programs