My 3 y/o is flourishing!

“We were placed in a situation where our friend whom was caring for our children decided to go back to work, and we needed to find full-time child care for our 2 children, 3 & 5 y/o. I was very uneasy about leaving my 3 y/o in a strange home without the 5 y/o there to tell me what was happening – we have had 2 other very bad experiences with in home day cares, from children being left alone without any adult in the house, to loosing my child in the mall whole the provider was shoe shopping, to 3y/o kids (mine one of them) being left outside in an un-fenced yard without an adult, amongst other things. So we started looking at centers.

I looked into Children’s Discovery Academy, but was unsure if we could afford it. We looked at several other centers as well, the cost was basically the same. I called Children’s Discovery Academy back and asked more questions. The biggest plus for me was that they would bus my 5 y/o to St. John ‘s catholic school, one of the other centers would bus to St. John’s. We did not want to separate the kids. I talked with a Jill several times, and was welcome to come in at my convenience to take a tour (not so at many of the other places). I stopped by that evening. I was very pleasantly surprised with the care and set-up they provided. All of the employees were very friendly and helpful. The classes were under great control, with a lot of respect and kindness.

Now that my kids are attending the Academy, I am even more pleased!!! My 3y/o is flourishing! And she LOVES it!!! The communication is great, if I need anything they get the info for me right away. Even if they do not have an immediate answer, they get back to me within 24 hrs. The people are wonderful, helpful, friendly, kind, and amazing! Both of my kids love the teachers, and many times when I come to pick them up they do not want to leave.

Oh, I forgot to mention, they were very helpful in helping me get the busing of my 5 y/o set up. And on they updated me to let me know that the bus driver got out of the bus, talked to them and my daughter to help her understand what to do for that morning and the afternoon.

I am so VERY PLEASED and happy with the care and education my children are receiving at Children’s Discovery Academy.”

Angela of Little Canada, MN
Mother of Anna and Amelia, Preschool and Before & After School Programs