Sophia absolutely loves it!

“Sophia is my granddaughter and has been attending Children’s Discovery for approximately a year. I have visited Children’s Discovery numerous times over the past year as well as just recently joining them on a field trip for Halloween.

My granddaughter, Sophia, is by far one of the most precious gifts in my life…..and because of that, I make a strong effort to be very involved in her life. Of the utmost importance to me is knowing that she is in a safe; loving; stimulating; secure environment when she is not able to be with her Mommy, who is a single parent.

I have always been leary of “daycare centers” because my Mom ran a “home daycare” for 30 years and I ran a “home daycare” for 2 years. I always had a negative mindset about daycare centers….. I have to admit that I have been so very impressed by what I have experienced with Children’s Discovery. Sophia absolutely loves it! The facility and classrooms are bright; cheerful; educational; stimulating; and fun. The teachers are personable; kind; loving; safe; helpful; insightful; patient and professional. They motivate the children to learn; they are continually interacting with them on various levels; they instill kindness and respect in their interactions with them; they foster love!

What more could you ask for in “those very important caregivers” then to know that they are providing a loving environment for the children of our future. Children’s Discovery is a “blessing” for parents…….I am incredibly thankful that we discovered them……Sophia is thriving daily in their care when her Mommy has to be away at work. Thank you.”

Kim of New Brighton
Grandmother of Sophia, Preschool Program