Great for infant development

“When my husband and I walked into Children’s Discovery before we had our first child we were welcomed warmly. It was nice to see a school-like environment, where children were actively engaged in learning and playing.

We decided to enroll Addison in Children’s Discovery because it offered individualized attention and enriching programs and curriculum. We also love that they have been very flexible with planning Addison’s care with our work schedules that are ever changing.

Addison loves the teachers and activities that she gets to participate in at Children’s Discovery. When she is dropped off she is always smiling and excited to join in the play with the other children. When we come and pick her up she will often make a beeline for the gym before we are able to get her out the door!

The teachers at Children’s Discovery have great insight into what Addison is interested in and how they can help promote her development. They are eager to share helpful information with us, and as first time parents they have been a great resource to go to when we have had questions about parenting!

We know that Addison is in good hands when we drop her off, and know that she is getting stimulated and an opportunity to grow and learn through sensory activities, movement, and music each day. We would recommend Children’s Discovery to any first-time parents or parents of infants that are looking for a daycare that focuses on the individual needs of each child and encourages growth and development across all areas of development.”

Jessica of Woodbury
Mother of Addison, Infant Program