I highly recommend Children’s Discovery Academy to everyone!

“Children’s Discovery Academy offers a clean, warm, friendly environment the moment you walk in the door.  Every morning all the children are individually greeted and staff looks genuinely excited to see them which makes the children feel very welcomed each day. The immediate warm welcome we received during our initial tour was inviting.  Seeing the children and staff interact so well together, along with the clean environment, are some of the reasons we chose to enroll at Children’s Discovery.  I love that Children’s Discovery has an indoor gym for the kids to use.  It allows them to burn off energy and work on those gross motor skills.  Many child care facilities do not have indoor play spaces for kids.

The staff is wonderful!  They recognize each child and family is unique and they are very accommodating to individual situations.  They never complain or criticize parents for the way they choose to raise their children, instead they partner with the parents.

Our three children love everything about Children’s Discovery.  They especially enjoy the special activities that include the annual bike parade, super jump, pajama days, book fairs and field trips.  My ten-year-old says she never wants to leave and intends to return to Children’s Discovery as a staff member when she is old enough, as one of her teachers did.

Having two children attend Children’s Discovery Academy from infant – kindergarten, I found they were very well prepared, both academically and socially, to enter elementary school.  In some cases, they were so well adjusted and ready for the next step, they were able to help some of their new friends through the process.

The children have so much fun at Children’s Discover Academy!  They are excited to get there in the morning and I have a difficult time getting them to leave at night.  It is a great feeling each morning walking out of the building knowing my children are happy, safe and well cared for.

We left our first daycare because of a number of safety concerns.  It is a horrible feeling to go to work with the fear that something could happen to your child.  Since enrolling at Children’s Discover Academy, I no longer have any fears.  I go to work with the confidence that my children are safe, loved and well cared for.

All of the staff (not just teachers) at Children’s Discovery Academy are warm and friendly.  Many of them feel more like family and close friends than “staff at our daycare.”   My two-year-old has the same teacher my ten-year-old did when she was a toddler. This is the norm at Children’s Discovery, not the exception.  In a field that is known for constant staff changes, I think it says a lot about the staff, and the business, when so many have such longevity.  It is also great that the children are able to form and maintain bonds with the staff.  There is a mutual respect shown.  These things cannot happen if the staff is always changing.

I highly recommend Children’s Discovery Academy to everyone!”

Lisa of White Bear Lake, MN
Mother of Anthony, Kyle and Allison; Toddler and Before & After School Programs