I could tell that this was a warm, loving, caring environment

“My grand daughter Leah is a student at Children’s Discovery in Little Canada. On the first visit/tour, I could tell that this was a warm, loving, caring environment. The people who took us on the tour were so helpful. They answered our many questions and conveyed a very happy, friendly attitude toward all the children we encountered. They seemed to know each child by name.

My daughter and I were so impressed by how quiet it was. All the toddlers were sitting at a child-sized table having a snack. There was no spilling, no crying and no whining. Each child had a toddler sized cup and were holding it with 2 hands. This seemed remarkable.

We toured the gym also. The children were able to use the large muscle group toys like the slide and the bouncy balls. The floor was soft and padded so there was no concern if they fell.

We observed some of the kids playing outside. There were approximately 20 – 25 kids outside, and there were many teachers or helpers playing with them. We could see that the supervision was outstanding. The kids all were happy, laughing and playing with their friends. There was no crying and every child was attended to.

I also observed the snacks that were being served. This day, they had orange sections and crackers and cheese and milk. It appears that a healthy diet is also very important.

My daughter had concerns about Leah taking a nap on a cot since at home she was still in a crib. Two of the teachers took the time to explain to us how they handle this. They said that usually the children are tired and ready for a rest at nap time. They put on soft music, turn the lights down and make it a restful atmosphere for everyone. If one of the kids simply will not fall asleep, one of the teachers said they often will rub their backs and quietly sit by their cot. Soon they drift off because they see the other kids sleeping. This day, there was a fairly new student who was arranging his blanket and teddy bear even before the rest of the kids were ready for nap, because he already knew that this was his nap time. This really impressed me.

One thing that my daughter and I both like is the personal attention from everyone. I often drop Leah off and it seems that everyone of the teachers or aides know Leah and which room she should go to. If she cries when I leave, her teacher Cassie always has a way to comfort her. Cassie is the best. She is a great communicator also. Each day she sends home a sheet telling Leah’s parents what songs they sang, what crafts they worked on, how long she slept, any concerns they have, and if she needs anything – like diapers or wipes. It is so reassuring to know that my grand daughter is being so well cared for when she is in the care of Children’s Discovery. She has already learned so much and become much more social.

I highly recommend Children’s Discovery. It is by far the best child care school I have encountered.”

Chris of Little Canada
Grandfather of Leah, Toddler Program