The teachers and staff at Children’s Discovery Academy are awesome!

“I had a bit of a nostalgia moment when I first walked into Children’s Discovery – Little Canada. It reminded me of the school that I went to as a child. It had a familiar, cozy feeling to it, like from a small town where everyone knows everyone & looked out for each other… A real family atmosphere!

Honestly, we didn’t look anywhere else. This was our first/only school we toured. It just felt right! My son’s learning (ie: speech, cognitive skills) … I feel he is further ahead than some of his playmates outside of CDA. They are also very accommodating to our schedule – our son goes part time,– but at CDA he enjoys a consistent schedule while he is there that is full of engaging activities to help him learn, be creative & have fun!

He talks about playing with his friends; he loves his computer class, and gets very excited about field trips or other special activities. He was also very excited to be Star of the Week: sharing his poster with the class & bring in extra treats. Oddly enough, he also enjoys doing his “homework”… these are valuable habits to start establishing for his future. They have a fun filled, well rounded curriculum that allows the kids to work on art, speech, large & small motor skills + have free play time. I enjoy the weekly newsletter to know his daily activities to try to have dinnertime conversations with my son about his day.

I have no concerns about safety; the staff is well trained in first aid & all certified in CPR. They also practice tornado & fire drills – they are prepared for anything + the student teacher ratio is closely monitored so that the kids get the attention they need. The teachers and staff at Children’s Discovery Academy are awesome! They are a very caring group. I really like the fact that ALL teachers, aids & staff at CDA know my son, not just his classroom teachers. I have recommended CDA for my Niece – she’s in the infant room at VH.”

Karla of Shoreview, MN
Mother of Anders, Preschool Program