We cannot speak hightly enough of the infant teachers

“Claire is our first child and as most new parents are, my husband and I were very nervous about selecting a day care. We are so lucky we found CDA! It was the only place we walked out of during our selection process and felt 100% comfortable with the care our child would receive. From the start, the infant teachers asked what our daughter’s (and our) needs were. The worked with our feeding and napping schedule during the early stages. Often times, they were the first ones to notice Claire’s needs were changing and suggest changes to allow her to transition flawlessly.

As Claire, grew…so did her (and our) love for CDA. She has flourished in growth and developement (according to her pediatrician)-she has met all of her developmental milestones at or before she should. We truly believe it is from the exceptional care she receives day in and day out. She learns from the teachers and other children in her class. Every morning, we drop off a very excited child and each evening pick up a content (often exhausted) child. Exhausted because she is constantly learning throughout the day-reading, music, art, gym time, wagon or stroller rides, sign language, feeding herself, drinking out of cups-do I need to go on? Her daily report card is full of the fun activities and her accomplishments.

We cannot speak highly enough of the infant teachers and assistants. CDA has made it such an easy process for two professional parents to leave the first child each day. We will be moving soon but have chosen to keep Claire at CDA. We couldn’t imagine pulling her out of an environment that has helped us as parents raise a very well rounded and loved child…thank you CDA!”

Kim of Maplewood, MN
Mother of Claire, Infant Program