I never had to worry

How old is your child now?
“High School Senior.”

What is your favorite memory of Children’s Discovery Academy?
“The truly caring and dedicated staff offering a variety of activities and learning options for my child.”

What did your child enjoy the most about attending Children’s Discovery Academy?
“The teachers and the other children that she formed lasting relationships with.”

What else would you like to share about attending Children’s Discovery Academy?
“I never had to worry about the care my child was receiving”

What special accomplishments has your child achieved since graduating from Children’s Discovery Academy?
” 3-year letter winner in swimming, 3-year academic achievement awards, placement in accelerated & honor classes, continuous volunteering with multiple organizations, NHS board member.”

Other comments you would like to share.
“I hope my grandchildren will be placed in a center as loving, caring & devoted to the children as Children’s Discovery has been.”

Leesa Biermaier of Maplewood
Mother of Kallie Biermaier